How to bypass Windows 11’s strict hardware requirements

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Geekbench now blocks benchmark scores from unreleased hardware

Primate Labs, the performance analysis software developer behind Geekbench, has decided to stop displaying benchmark results for hardware that has not yet been released. This means no more early Geekbench scores for Alder Lake and all future CPU architectures, such as Raptor Lake and Zen 4.

The change in policy, spotted by @BenchLeaks, is posted to Geekbench’s website and appears to be a recent one. Firing up the Wayback Machine, the only archived result is what appears today.

“Primate Labs prevents pre-release hardware benchmark results from being displayed on the Geekbench Browser. Pre-release hardware includes engineering samples (ES),

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How to become a software engineer: A complete guide

Software engineers create and test software programs. The dynamic, engaging career path offers six-figure salaries and high employability.

The tech field is evolving, offering new opportunities for software engineers. Today’s software engineers specialize in cutting-edge tech like cloud computing platforms, virtual reality, and gaming. Companies in diverse industries turn to software engineers to solve problems and improve operations.

Becoming a software engineer requires strong technical skills. Many software engineers hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software engineering. These professionals are valued for their skills and education: The median software engineer salary exceeded $110,000 in 2020.

This guide shows

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Scientists are one step closer to error-correcting quantum computers

Mistakes happen — especially in quantum computers. The fragile quantum bits, or qubits, that make up the machines are notoriously error-prone, but now scientists have shown that they can fix the flubs.

Computers that harness the rules of quantum mechanics show promise for making calculations far out of reach for standard computers (SN: 6/29/17). But without a mechanism for fixing the computers’ mistakes, the answers that a quantum computer spits out could be gobbledygook (SN: 6/22/20).

Combining the power of multiple qubits into one can solve the error woes, researchers report October 4 in Nature

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Xbox Cloud Gaming is now fully powered by faster Xbox Series X hardware

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service (xCloud) is now fully powered by custom Xbox Series X hardware. Microsoft tells The Verge it recently completed the upgrade, which improves both framerates and game load times for players streaming Xbox games over the web.

While Microsoft has moved Xbox Cloud Gaming to 1080p and 60fps streams in recent months, the company has yet to unlock the full potential of custom Xbox Series X hardware to deliver 4K streams. It’s not clear when this will be available, but Microsoft has been moving towards delivering Xbox Cloud Gaming beyond just mobile devices and browsers.


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D-Wave announces new hardware, compiler, and plans for quantum computing

Enlarge / The current generation of hardware.

Because quantum computing has been attempted via multiple approaches, those approaches can be a bit confusing to follow. Most quantum computing efforts go toward what are called gate-based computers, which allow you to perform logical operations on individual qubits. These are well understood theoretically and can perform a variety of calculations. But it’s possible to make gate-based systems out of different types of qubits, including photons, ions, and electronic devices called transmons, and companies have grown up around each of these hardware options.

A separate form of computing, called quantum annealing, also involves

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Conectar Igualdad: entregaron netbooks a estudiantes de Malvinas Argentinas | Que Pasa Web

Con un emotivo acto en la Escuela Secundaria N°34 de la ciudad de Los Polvorines, este jueves se hizo la entrega de netbooks a estudiantes de primer año de secundario, en el marco del programa nacional Juana Manso.

Del acto, al que se invitó a un grupo reducido de alumnos para que asistan en representación de sus compañeros de curso, participaron la intendenta de Malvinas Argentinas Noelia Correa,  el ministro de Educación Jaime Perczyk, la directora de Cultura y Educación de la Provincia Agustina Vila y la concejal Sol Jiménez Coronel, entre otros funcionarios.

“Continuamos trabajando con

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‘Back 4 Blood’ quietly adds controversial Denuvo software before launch

Ahead of launching on October 12, Back 4 Blood has added Denuvo anti-tampering software, as per an update to its Steam page.

Back 4 Blood has updated its Steam storefront page to note that it will launch with Denuvo, a highly controversial anti-tampering software meant to prevent early game piracy.

SteamDB notes that Denuvo anti-tamper was added to Back 4 Blood on September 28, though the change seems to have gone largely unnoticed until recently.

While Denuvo is only meant to affect those trying to pirate the game, the software has received significant criticism for allegedly harming the performance of

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How Google can fill the Android enthusiast void left by OnePlus

Source: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

It’s coming any day now. Google’s first foray into creating its own chipset for its own device, is on the way with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. And while a lot is riding on these devices from a market share standpoint, there’s also a lot riding on them for Android enthusiasts.

LG is gone, HTC is hanging on by a literal thread, and Motorola is just different now. But if you jump back five years, the story was very different. Then, Samsung was still largely leading the charge, but it had much

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