Scalpers Flip DDR5 RAM on eBay for Up to $2,500

The DDR5 shortage is potentially just as bad as the graphics cards shortage, and as we’ve charted out below, that means that some 32GB kits are being scalped for $2,500. The more lenient scalpers (via PCMag) are selling DDR5 memory kits on eBay for twice and sometimes up to three times their cost. Luckily, only Intel’s 12th-Gen Alder Lake processors currently make use of DDR5. However, Alder Lake processors, which are some of the best CPUs for gaming on the market, are equally happy with the best DDR4, so early adopters aren’t forced to pay ridiculous prices for DDR5

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Cyber Monday Software Deals: Save up to 70% on Adobe Creative Cloud, Affinity Photo, Parallels

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Cyber Monday software deals are here and AppleInsider has rounded up the best software discounts, including $320 off a Babbel lifetime subscription, 70% off Adobe Creative Cloud, and more!

Software isn’t always the most budget-friendly purchase, but these Cyber Monday discounts can make even the most expensive items affordable. We update this page regularly, so check out today’s deals and keep coming back for more.

Up to 70%

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A simpler design for quantum computers

Today’s quantum computers are complicated to build, difficult to scale up, and require temperatures colder than interstellar space to operate. These challenges have led researchers to explore the possibility of building quantum computers that work using photons — particles of light. Photons can easily carry information from one place to another, and photonic quantum computers can operate at room temperature, so this approach is promising. However, although people have successfully created individual quantum “logic gates” for photons, it’s challenging to construct large numbers of gates and connect them in a reliable fashion to perform complex calculations.

Stanford graduate student Ben

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Over nine million Android devices infected by info-stealing trojan

A large-scale malware campaign on Huawei’s AppGallery has led to approximately 9,300,000 installs of Android trojans masquerading as over 190 different apps. 

The trojan is detected by Dr.Web as ‘Android.Cynos.7.origin’ and is a modified version of the Cynos malware designed to collect sensitive user data.

The discovery and report come from researchers at Dr. Web AV, who notified Huawei and helped them remove the identified apps from their store.

However, those who installed the apps on their devices will still have to remove them from their Android devices manually.

Trojan disguised as game apps

The threat actors hid their malware

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Mark Cerny reveals PS5’s hardware secrets in new video

Mark Cerny, the lead system architect of the PS5, has explained the process of creating the console in a new video.

The legendary developer whose credits include Marble Madness, Crash Bandicoot and Marvel’s Spider-Man sat down with Wired to discuss his role in creating the PS5 and bringing its systems to life.

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The video gives an insight into the pre-production process of the PS5, as well as the feedback the team received from the game development community.

“We’d been getting requests for an SSD

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The PC is voted greatest piece of hardware of all time; Gabe Newell accepts award

What just happened? The Golden Joystick Awards took place yesterday, where some of this year’s best games were honored. We also saw the winners of two very interesting categories revealed: the greatest ever piece of hardware and game of all time. It should come as little surprise to learn that the former was won by the PC, and none other than Gabe Newell himself accepted the award. In the case of the latter, Dark Souls was declared the Ultimate Game of All Time.

This year’s Golden Joystick Awards—the world’s longest-running game awards ceremony, having started in 1983—celebrated ’50 years of

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This guy wrote a piece of software to composite every photo he’s ever taken into a single image

Sometimes, you come across some photography experiments that are so unique you just have to share them. And this project from Andrew Eckel is one such experiment. He’s a musician, artist and software engineer. Before covid, he would regularly play shows in Boston, but with most of the planet being largely shut down for almost the last two years, he’s had a lot of time to explore other pursuits.

He wanted to have something to sell besides CDs and started working on a book of lyrics. He decided to fill the book with colourful artwork and remembered a programming

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Time crystal in a quantum computer

There is a huge global effort to engineer a computer capable of harnessing the power of quantum physics to carry out computations of unprecedented complexity. While formidable technological obstacles still stand in the way of creating such a quantum computer, today’s early prototypes are still capable of remarkable feats.

The Google Sycamore chip used in the creation of a time crystal. (Image credit: Google Quantum AI)

For example, the creation of a new phase of matter called a “time crystal.” Just as a crystal’s structure repeats in space, a time crystal repeats in time and, importantly, does so infinitely and

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List of Nokia smartphones eligible for Android 12, release date- Nokiapoweruser

Many of our readers have been asking us about which Nokia smartphones are eligible to get the Android 12 update. As it happened with Android 11, Android 12 roll-out to Nokia smartphones may start later this year and get completed in 2022.

Android 12 is supposed to bring lots of UI changes, new animations and features. You can read the official details about Android 12 Beta UI changes and new features by clicking here.

Most of the Nokia smartphones (G-series and X-series) come with guaranteed 2 and 3 years of Android OS upgrade promise. Hence by that rule, if a

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Intel is collecting legacy hardware for security research

The big picture: Intel for the past few years has been collecting and cataloging its legacy hardware at a warehouse in Costa Rica, but not for a museum or other historical purpose. To ensure that customers across generations of hardware are protected against newly discovered attacks, Intel needs examples of its older hardware on hand to test with. As it turns out, this was a bit of a challenge for a while consider the company didn’t have a formal method of cataloging and storing legacy hardware until recently.

The chipmaker churns out lots of new and updated hardware each year,

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