Month: April 2021

How to Publish Highlights of Twitch to YouTube

Highlighting is a cool feature that lets you show off the best parts of your six-hour Twitch streams. If you highlight one stream multiple times, you can then string those together later for a highlight reel that could go up on YouTube. This allows you to immortalize your stream, especially because, if you aren’t a partner, Twitch deletes streams after 14 days. Once your stream is done, you are able to go back and create multiple highlights of one stream or publish the entire stream to YouTube as one video.

You can view recent highlights made by scrolling down to

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Atari VCS hands-on: A computer-console hybrid with an identity crisis

Dan Ackerman/CNET

Like the storied brand it takes its name from, the new Atari VCS has a complicated history. Originally a crowd-funded project, now years overdue, it’s finally starting to ship to crowdfunding backers and, soon, to the general public. Just as the original Atari company got caught up trying to figure out if it was a game console manufacturer, a software publisher, a computer maker or just a cultural icon, the Atari VCS feels similarly conflicted. It might be a game console. It might be a DIY-friendly, small-form-factor desktop PC. It doesn’t fully satisfy as either, even at

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Fearful of Google, Apple argued for iMessage on Android

Epic’s lawsuit against Apple has revealed quite a bit about iMessage for Android, including how platform lock-in is one reason it doesn’t exist. New filings today revealed that Apple executive Eddy Cue made the case for iMessage on Android to stop Google from owning messaging.

As noted by the Verge, Eddy Cue — currently Apple’s senior vice president of internet software and services — in April 2013 responded internally to rumors that Google had offered $1 billion for WhatsApp, before the eventual Facebook acquisition. He wanted Apple to “go full speed and make [iMessage on Android] an official

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Intel CEO Gelsinger Resigns from VMware Board, Effective Immediately

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger

(Image credit: Intel )

Pat Gelsinger recently resigned from his role as CEO of VMware to become the CEO of Intel. At the time, Gelsinger had planned to keep his position on VMware’s Board of Directors. Now, as spotted by CRN, VMware has filed regulatory paperwork with the SEC saying that Pat Gelsinger notified VMware on April 21, 2021, that he would resign his post on the company’s Board of Directors and all other VMware committees, “effective immediately.”

Gelsinger certainly has his hands full as he embarks on an ambitious plan to transform Intel, which has plenty of challenges

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Logitech Now Shows Your Mouse’s Carbon Footprint

Logitech announced on Earth Day that it has updated the packaging on several of its mice and keyboards to offer information about each product’s environmental impact.

The company said it would start to display this data, which it compared to the nutrition facts label found on many foods, in June 2020. Now it has finally updated the packaging for some products, starting with the Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse, a premium peripheral that’s designed to compete with the best gaming mice.

That packaging now features a number that “indicates the product’s full lifecycle carbon footprint in kilograms of carbon dioxide

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What Is a Netbook and Should You Buy One?

For those who have never shopped for a laptop, it may seem like a very straightforward task. I mean it’s just a portable PC, right? No, not really. For those of us who have shopped around, we know that there is quite a variety when it comes to types of laptops. Some of which a majority of people have never heard of.

There are gaming Laptops, Notebooks, Ultrabooks, 2-in-1 laptops, Chromebooks, Elite books, and many more. If you dig deep enough, you might even encounter the term Netbook. In this post, we will be explaining just what exactly a

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Epic deposition reveals Eddy Cue pushed to bring iMessage to Android in 2013, but was overruled

New filings in the Epic vs. Apple legal battle have shed additional light on Apple’s decision-making process regarding bringing iMessage to Android. As it turns out, Apple senior VP Eddy Cue pushed for iMessage to come to Android in 2013, but was overruled by other Apple executives.

As first spotted by the Verge, this new detail comes via a new deposition made public as part of the Epic case. The document details that Cue wanted to dedicate an entire team to porting iMessage to Android. The email exchange quoted below between Cue and Apple exec Craig Federighi, from

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Huawei focuses on software as U.S. sanctions hurt hardware business

GUANGZHOU, China — Huawei is boosting its efforts in software areas like cloud computing and smart cars as U.S. sanctions hurt its hardware business.

Last week, Arcfox, a brand under automaker BAIC Group, launched a car with Huawei’s vehicle technology. It included a cockpit kitted out with HarmonyOS, the operating system Huawei launched in 2019, as well as autonomous driving capabilities. Huawei will not be making cars and will instead focus on the technology that powers them.

And on Sunday, Huawei launched some new cloud computing products as it looks to challenge China’s market leader, Alibaba.

Huawei said in a

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Sony is trying to ramp up its PS5 hardware output

Have you secured a PS5 yet?

Sony has stated that it is making efforts to increase production on its tough-to-find next-gen hardware, PlayStation 5. Speaking in an interview with Nikkei Business (as translated by VGC) CEO Jim Ryan talked of the issues Sony faced has in both the manufacture and worldwide distribution of the new console, already six months into its lifespan.

“There are several reasons why PS5 was hard to come by,” said Ryan. “Supply under the new coronavirus was very complicated, and we had to limit distribution to online. The supply and demand for semiconductors is also

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One Netbook’s next mini-laptop packs a 10.1 inch screen, Tiger Lake processor

One Netbook has released a line of mini-laptops with display sizes ranging from 7 inches to 8.4 inches and a variety of features including pen support, 360-degree hinges, full-sized ports, and detachable game controllers.

So what’s next? The company is going bigger and faster.

One Netbook has begun teasing its next mini-laptop, although the new One Mix 4 will be a little less mini.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming device:

  • Display: 10.1 inch display surrounded by slim bezels (16:10 aspect ratio, 300 pixels per inch, 320 nits brightness)
  • Processors: 11th-gen Core Y-series processor
  • Storage
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