Month: June 2021

Best Prime Day gaming hardware deals: Laptops, keyboards, headsets and more (Updated: Expired)

Amazon Prime Day is on its second day. This is the time to step up your gaming equipment without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re playing on a PS5, Xbox Series X or S, Nintendo Switch or on PC, there’s plenty of deals to choose from. We picked out the best sales for your gaming needs that’ll keep some money in your wallet. 


Gaming laptops continue to bring the power in the smallest packages. Razer’s Blade 15 Base packs a lot for the price: Intel Core i7-10750H with six cores, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti,

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Money Diary 25-Year-Old Software Engineer In Blackburn

Housing costs: I don’t pay any rent but I do give my mum £350 per month to do with as she pleases. I also give my younger siblings £20 each pocket money a month, so £60 for all three.
Loan payments: £0, I don’t have any credit cards and I don’t earn enough to pay student loans back yet.
Utilities: £0, I am extremely lucky and do not pay any utilities at home.
Transportation: Varies month to month. This month is £35 so far, some months it’s £0.
Phone bill: My dad pays for my contract (he started paying when

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BWG Library’s computer cafe reopens next week

The Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library has several exciting changes coming up in the next few weeks.

Larissa Marks, Community Engagement Coordinator with the BWG Public Library, reminds all ‘bookworms’ that although the library has gone ‘fines free’ (permanently), please be sure to return all items in a timely manner.

“Families have difficulties returning things on time, it’s becoming a problem,” notes Marks. “[But] a lot of people are struggling financially right now [and] ask what happens if [they] accrue fines? It has kept families from using the library’s services.”

Marks adds that sometimes the librarians will send out collection

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How to Use Ada to Insulate Software from Hardware Updates

Members can download this article in PDF format.

What you’ll learn:

  • How data representation is impacted by hardware updates.
  • How to use Ada representation clauses to create portable specifications for data representation.
  • How to use GNAT’s Scalar_Storage_Order feature to write endianness-agnostic code.

Hopefully, the software you pour your time and effort into will be around to make the world a better place for a long time. But will today’s hardware be sufficient to support future features and requirements? The breakneck pace at which new hardware, with increased resources, comes to market provides some relief for worries. But what

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Windows 11 Seems To Give Intel Hybrid CPU Architectures A Notable Performance Boost

Back in September of last year, the x86 version of the Samsung Galaxy Book S failed to wow us with its performance and battery life. This ultralight laptop is powered by Intel’s Lakefield-based Core i5-L16G7 processor, which was the company’s first attempt at creating a hybrid processor with a big.Little architecture consisting of performance and efficiency cores. Back then, we discovered that the Arm64 version of this machine, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx under its hood, was both faster and longer-lasting on its battery. At the time we wondered if the x86 version of Windows really knew the difference between

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Tesla Faces China Recall Over Software Glitch

Tesla  (TSLA) – Get Report is hitting reverse on nearly 285,000 of its Model 3 and Model Y cars that were built in China because of a software glitch.

That number translates to “most of the vehicles it has delivered the country over recent years,” wrote Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives in a note on Sunday. 

The recall is to fix autopilot safety problems that were spotted by Chinese regulators. Vehicles within the scope of the recall may cause the driver to incorrectly activate the active cruise function in some situations, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation

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Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) Hit Hard Amid the Recent Downtrend

Among the newer entrants into the crypto space that we covered a few weeks ago was the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). While its launch was well received, helping it break through into the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap soon after it hit the market, things have not been going too well for the new token since then.

At the time of writing, ICP/USD is trading at around $34, down by nearly 35% over the past week and still trading bearish even as the sentiment in the wider crypto sector improves as Bitcoin and Ethereum pick up. Since its launch

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Clampdown On Crypto Mining Cuts China’s GPU Prices Nearly 45 Percent

China’s non-stop effort to crack down on cryptocurrency mining farms has started to pay dividends. As the South China Morning Post reported today, graphics card pricing in the country has decreased substantially over the past few weeks. Following up on the South China Morning Post’s tip, we’ve analyzed the historic pricing for various Ampere graphics cards. You can see the pricing trends in our breakdown below, but the clear takeaway is that pricing has receded as much as 45% since Beijing began pulling the plug on big mining farms around the country.

Besides being some of the best graphics cards

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Scammers Are Sending Ledger Users Fake Hardware Wallets

The 2020 data breach of the hardware wallet company Ledger has taken yet another turn. 

Scammers are sending fake hardware wallets to people whose data was gathered via a third-party data breach. These fake wallets contain hardware designed to steal the user’s crypto. 

The scam is an ambitious one. First appearing in May, the scammers mailed packages that contained a fake Ledger Nano wallet to the homes of Ledger users. They soldered a flash drive onto the interior of the fake wallet, and the packages also included a sealed bag with Ledger’s logo on it, and even shrink-wrapping the box

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John McAfee was not suicidal, says widow of antivirus software magnate

The 75-year-old McAfee, who had multiple run-ins with the law, was awaiting extradition after being charged with tax evasion in the United States last year.

Speaking to reporters outside the prison on Friday, Janice McAfee demanded a thorough investigation, saying she wanted “answers of how this was able to happen.”

The cause of McAfee’s death is under investigation, a spokeswoman for the Superior Court of Catalonia told CNN this week.

Janice McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Villalba, told reporters Friday his client is waiting for the official autopsy to be done adding that the family has requested a second and independent one.… Read More