Month: December 2021

26 time-saving tips for the Chrome Android browser

Mobile web browsing is all about finding what you need quickly and with as little hassle as possible — well, in theory, anyway. In the real world, the act of surfing sites from your smartphone is often anything but efficient.

From sites that have not-so-friendly mobile interfaces to browser commands that take far too many steps to execute, hopping around the World Wide Internuts from a handheld device can frequently leave something to be desired.

Fear not, though, my fellow finger-tappers: There are plenty of tricks you can learn to make your mobile web journey more pleasant and productive. Try

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Hacker Hijacks HP AMD EPYC Servers For Raptoreum Crypto Mining

It didn’t take long for hackers to weaponize a critical Java vulnerability for profit. Using the Log4J exploit, an unidentified actor managed to wrestle control of HP’s AMD-based 9000 EPYC servers, turning the powerful hardware into cryptocurrency miners. The feat provoked a doubling of the hash rate for the CPU-based cryptocurrency Raptoreum (RTM) from 200 MH/s to 400 MH/s before most of the exploited machines were brought offline.

Log4J is a Java vulnerability recently outed as part of the famous Apache suite and merited the highest-possible threat classification (10) under the “CVSS 3.0” guidelines. This is because the exploit doesn’t

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This is what happened in PC gaming hardware in 2021

Has 2021 been a good year for PC gaming? Yes and no. Mostly no, at least for those of us gaming on an older graphics card in dire need of an update. But I’d like to take a moment to appreciate that it’s not all been bad, and there have been some inventive and exciting new products released across these past twelve months—the tech that snuck out between the drama of empty shelves.

You’ve got to take the bad with the good, and we’ve sure had a lot of both. The graphics card shortage, stemming from a wider semiconductor and

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Alcohol tax funds, timekeeping software on county agenda


Timekeeping software and special funds allocations are among the items on the Saline County Commission agenda for Tuesday.

About the meeting

Saline County Commission is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday in room 107 of the City-County Building, 300 W. Ash Street. The meetings also can be viewed on Saline County’s YouTube channel:

To participate in the meetings, citizens will need to use the Zoom link. Use the following link and put in the Meeting ID and passcode:

Meeting ID: 968 3581 9901

Passcode: 144636

For further information, contact the County Commission’s Office

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The intersection of math, computers, and everything else | MIT News

Shardul Chiplunkar, a senior in Course 18C (mathematics with computer science), entered MIT interested in computers, but soon he was trying everything from spinning fire to building firewalls. He dabbled in audio engineering and glass blowing, was a tenor for the MIT/Wellesley Toons a capella group, and learned to sail.

“When I was entering MIT, I thought I was just going to be interested in math and computer science, academics and research,” he says. “Now what I appreciate the most is the diversity of people and ideas.”

Academically, his focus is on the interface between people and programming. But his

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Local officials: Some Android users can’t call 911

TEXARKANA, Texas (KTAL) — It “rained fish” for a few minutes in Texarkana, Texas, Wednesday afternoon as storms moved through the area.

It happened around 4:30 p.m., according to James Audirsch, who works at the Orr Maxx, a used car dealership in eastern Texas. He says he and his co-worker, Brad Pratt, heard loud noises and looked outside only to see fish falling from the sky.

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Linux 5.16 Provides Performance Boost for AMD Ryzen APUs

Linux 5.16 just dropped a few days ago, and with it arrives some performance gains for laptops equipped with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs with Radeon integrated graphics, according to Phoronix. In most of the benchmarks Phoronix tested, Linux 5.16 provides anywhere between 5%-14% more performance compared to previous Linux kernels, including 5.15 and 5.11.

Phoronix tested many different benchmarks, including Gravity Mark, Legacy, GLmark2, and more on two notebooks. On one of the notebooks equipped with a Ryzen 5 5500U (Zen 2), the most noticeable uptick in performance apps were GLmark 2 and Xonotic, which had a 14% performance improvement over

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PC gaming in 2021: The hardware highlights and lowlights

No matter what’s been going on this year, there have been reasons to be cheerful despite the pandemic backdrop, supply crisis, chip shortage, and crypto mining explosion. There is PC gaming hardware to be had, and you can buy a new GPU if you really, really put in the hard graft. And, y’know, the money. 

The end of this year has seen some of the best mainstream gaming CPUs ever released, with Intel’s Alder Lake Core i5 chip wowing us, and the GPU makers have been hard at work to ensure you can squeeze as many frames per second out

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Software entrepreneur funds solar projects in Minneapolis

The electric bill will drop considerably for the next 25 to 30 years at Liberty Community Church in north Minneapolis, thanks to a suburban solar entrepreneur.

Amber Naqvi, a grateful immigrant, IT professional and solar-software firm owner, this fall had solar systems installed at Liberty’s two campuses at 2100 Emerson Av. N. and 3700 Bryant Av. N.

“It’s quite a Christmas present,” said the Rev. Alika Galloway, who added that the solar array fits Liberty’s mission as a seven-day-a-week center for spiritual and physical healing, health and wellness, technology, community gardening and youth programs.

Eventually, the two Liberty Church complexes

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Tech 101: What to do when your computer freezes

Pop quiz: How often do you need to restart your computer for best performance? 

Here’s a hint. If you only do it when your machine crashes or needs to update, that’s not enough. Tap or click for my recommendation for keeping your computer happy

It’s frustrating to deal with a slow, lagging computer day in and day out. Tap or click for six easy tactics to speed up an old PC. 

Sometimes the issues are more acute. If your computer is unresponsive, slow down and follow these steps.

Restart first 

OK, this step is obvious, but there is often

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