Boston-based software company acquires Madison’s Widen | Business News

Widen is located at 6911 Mangrove Lane in Monona. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO A content management company

Widen is located at 6911 Mangrove Lane in Monona.

A content management company with Wisconsin roots dating back to 1948 is soon to be acquired by a Boston-based software firm.

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Acquia announced Wednesday its plans to buy Madison-based Widen for an undisclosed amount of money, Widen vice president of marketing Jake Athey said. He said the firm anticipates it will close on the sale within the month.

What that means for Widen’s 135 employees, 110 of those in the Dane County area at 6911 Mangrove Lane, is more job opportunities, Athey said, though he did not provide an exact figure.

The acquisition will also put Widen on the map as a global entity, Athey said, as Acquia has just under 2,000 employees worldwide.

Already, organizations such as Energizer, New Balance, Crayola and Hootsuite, use Widen’s products to deliver content, Widen said in a statement Wednesday.

Products under the Widen umbrella include software for digital asset and product information management. Acquia’s platform will allow Widen to enhance those, Athey said.