Hacker Hijacks HP AMD EPYC Servers For Raptoreum Crypto Mining

It didn’t take long for hackers to weaponize a critical Java vulnerability for profit. Using the Log4J exploit, an unidentified actor managed to wrestle control of HP’s AMD-based 9000 EPYC servers, turning the powerful hardware into cryptocurrency miners. The feat provoked a doubling of the hash rate for the CPU-based cryptocurrency Raptoreum (RTM) from 200 MH/s to 400 MH/s before most of the exploited machines were brought offline.

Log4J is a Java vulnerability recently outed as part of the famous Apache suite and merited the highest-possible threat classification (10) under the “CVSS 3.0” guidelines. This is because the exploit doesn’t

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Linux 5.16 Provides Performance Boost for AMD Ryzen APUs

Linux 5.16 just dropped a few days ago, and with it arrives some performance gains for laptops equipped with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs with Radeon integrated graphics, according to Phoronix. In most of the benchmarks Phoronix tested, Linux 5.16 provides anywhere between 5%-14% more performance compared to previous Linux kernels, including 5.15 and 5.11.

Phoronix tested many different benchmarks, including Gravity Mark, Legacy, GLmark2, and more on two notebooks. On one of the notebooks equipped with a Ryzen 5 5500U (Zen 2), the most noticeable uptick in performance apps were GLmark 2 and Xonotic, which had a 14% performance improvement over

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Alder Lake iGPU Hits 2.4 GHz For 61% Performance Uplift

YouTube personality SkatterBencher demonstrated in a recent video how overclocking Alder Lake’s iGPU could lead to significant performance gains. The iGPU hit 2,378 MHz, delivering over 60% higher performance in different workloads.

Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake K-series processors come with the UHD Graphics 770 engine, based on the Xe-LP architecture and 10nm process. The Alder Lake GT1 is at the heart of the UHD Graphics 770 solution and features up to 32 Execution Units (EUs). Since there are eight ALUs per EU, the UHD Graphics 770 amounts to 256 ALUs in total.

The UHD Graphics 770 engine has a

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Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster Costs More Than $5,000 to Build

Just when you thought one Raspberry Pi was enough, Skynet Network stepped up with this awesome Raspberry Pi cluster project. According to Skynet Network, it’s dubbed the Raspberry Pi Mega Cluster and costs more than £4,000 (approximately $5,372) to build.

The best Raspberry Pi projects typically have at least one Pi but this one has 83. As impressive as that sounds, the original plan was to pack it full of 100 Raspberry Pis. However, network latency had too much impact on performance for that many to be practical.

The cluster is constructed primarily using Raspberry Pi 3Bs but a single

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Gamers Rejoice! Ethereum Reminds GPU Miners the End Is Near

The Merge, which will end Ethereum mining with GPUs, is taking important steps to becoming a reality with the formal opening of a new testnet designed to work out the kinks in the upcoming mining-less approach. That means gamers eventually won’t have to compete with Ethereum miners for graphics cards. 

This news comes on the tail end of a pretty good year for Ethereum miners: Coinbase data shows the cryptocurrency’s price rising from about $731 on January 1 to approximately $3,940 at the time of writing. In addition, the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) pushed the Ethereum hashrate to record

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Russian-Made Elbrus CPUs Fail Trials, ‘A Completely Unacceptable Platform’

SberTech, a technology arm of Sber, Russia’s biggest bank, has evaluated the Russian-made MCST Elbrus-8C processors in multiple workloads, but the results were utterly disappointing and the processors failed the test. The testers cited “Insufficient memory, slow memory, few cores, low frequency. Functional requirements not been met at all” as key reasons for the failure. However, there is hope, according to SberTech engineers.

Homebrew Hardware…

As part of its ongoing conflict with the Western world following the annexation of Crimea in 2014 and the ongoing war against Ukraine, Russia has publicly declared its intention to substitute hardware and software developed

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Intel Abruptly Swaps Tiger Canyon NUCs for Revised Models

Edit, 12/14/2021 12:40pm PT: This story originally stated that Intel had removed certain NUC models from service, but those models have merely been swapped out for revised models with as-yet-unspecified changes. The text below has been amended. 

Shortly after discontinuing its Panther Canyon NUCs, Intel has announced via a PCN document that it’s also swapping versions of the NUC 11 Pro (Tiger Canyon) to updated models.

The list of retirees includes the NUC 11 Pro mini PC with Intel Core i7 vPro processors and three NUC 11 Pro kits (NUC11TNHi7, NUC11TNHi5 and NUC11TNHi3). As the NUC’s codename implies, the

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DDR5 Pricing Could Drop Next Quarter, but Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

The launch of Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake processors ushered in the era of DDR5 memory. However, the launch of next-generation memory comes with an inherent price premium over DDR4, which the chip shortage has only exacerbated. With this in mind, TrendForce released its latest analysis of the DRAM market, and things look interesting for Q1 2022.

While notebook shipments are expected to end the final quarter of 2021 ahead of projections, the usual Q1 decline will be in full effect at the start of the year. At the same time, PC OEMs are continuously altering their inventory levels of

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Analogue Pocket Review – Potent FPGA Power In Portable Form

With systems like the Nt Mini, Super Nt and Mega Sg under its belt, Analogue has developed an enviable reputation in the world of retro gaming hardware. While its products are often in painfully short supply – a fact which has led to quite a lot of resentment from potential buyers – they’re never anything short of remarkable. Unlike many of its rivals, Analogue doesn’t go down the route of software emulation but instead utilises FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) chips to reproduce vintage systems on what is effectively a hardware level – a more

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PS4 Hack Exploit Allegedly Opens Hardware to Homebrew

A new PlayStation 4 hack has allegedly unlocked the console for homebrew, and could potentially compromise the PS5 as well. A trio of coders released the hack which works on PS4 firmware update v9.00. It’s important to note that, as of 1st December, the latest firmware is v9.03, so this is leveraging a slightly older version of Sony’s system software.

A widely shared Twitter video from SpecterDev appears to show custom firmware running on the console:

It’s not the first time that the PS4 has

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