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Geekbench now blocks benchmark scores from unreleased hardware

Primate Labs, the performance analysis software developer behind Geekbench, has decided to stop displaying benchmark results for hardware that has not yet been released. This means no more early Geekbench scores for Alder Lake and all future CPU architectures, such as Raptor Lake and Zen 4.

The change in policy, spotted by @BenchLeaks, is posted to Geekbench’s website and appears to be a recent one. Firing up the Wayback Machine, the only archived result is what appears today.

“Primate Labs prevents pre-release hardware benchmark results from being displayed on the Geekbench Browser. Pre-release hardware includes engineering samples (ES),

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D-Wave announces new hardware, compiler, and plans for quantum computing

Enlarge / The current generation of hardware.

Because quantum computing has been attempted via multiple approaches, those approaches can be a bit confusing to follow. Most quantum computing efforts go toward what are called gate-based computers, which allow you to perform logical operations on individual qubits. These are well understood theoretically and can perform a variety of calculations. But it’s possible to make gate-based systems out of different types of qubits, including photons, ions, and electronic devices called transmons, and companies have grown up around each of these hardware options.

A separate form of computing, called quantum annealing, also involves

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Raspberry Pi Launches New Website For Its Hardware | Tom’s Hardware

 In a surprise move, Raspberry Pi today announced that a new website has been created to support Raspberry Pi devices, sales and documentation. This marks a change from a single website from 2011 which served both educational outreach and sales. Another change is Raspberry Pi’s social media presence, with the original Raspberry Pi twitter account focusing on the hardware, and another representing the charity and educational outreach of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Raspberry Pi Trading and the Raspberry Pi Foundation have long been separate entities. Raspberry Pi Trading is responsible for the hardware engineering and sales of Raspberry Pi while

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Java port eyed for RISC-V hardware

The RISC-V hardware instruction set would get a full-featured port of open source Java, under a proposal being discussed in the OpenJDK community this week.  

If the project is approved, the port might be ready for Java Development Kit (JDK) 18, which is expected to arrive in September. Plans presently call for supporting Java on Linux on RISC-V; the base RV64G ISA (instruction set architecture) would be supported, along with vector operations.

Contributors to the project include Huawei, Alibaba, and Red Hat. The proposal states Huawei already has a complete RISC-V port based on a snapshot of the OpenJDK mainline

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Here’s everything Amazon announced at its September hardware event

Amazon held its annual fall hardware event on Tuesday. It’s too bad the company didn’t stream the proceedings to the public because it was jam-packed with announcements. We saw everything from new Echo devices to an Alexa-powered robot. But worry not, we have you covered. Here’s everything the company announced today.



In an event packed with offbeat products, Amazon saved its most unusual one for last. In Astro, the company has created an Alexa-powered robot that can move around your home. It has three primary functions. It can provide home security, check-in on loved ones and pets and

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Microsoft won’t stop you installing Windows 11 on older PCs

Microsoft is announcing that it won’t block people from installing Windows 11 on most older PCs. While the software maker has recommended hardware requirements for Windows 11 — which it’s largely sticking to — a restriction to install the OS will only be enforced when you try to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 through Windows Update. This means anyone with a PC with an older CPU that doesn’t officially pass the upgrade test can still go ahead and download an ISO file of Windows 11 and install the OS manually. Here’s the easiest way to do that as

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Benchmarked: Do Windows 11’s Security Features Really Hobble Gaming Performance?

Microsoft is taking yet more backlash over its Windows 11 launch, as recent reports indicate that buyers of new pre-built systems could purportedly lose up to 28% of their gaming performance due to frame-rate-crushing security measures. That has gamers up in arms, so we did several rounds of testing in our labs with some of the best CPUs for gaming from Intel and AMD.

We found that the security mechanisms do reduce gaming performance, with the average impact on an 11th-gen Intel chip being in the 5% range (7% peak in one title). That may not seem like much to

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Google will give you free Stadia hardware if you buy a game

Google is giving away a free Stadia Premiere Edition kit if you purchase a regular Stadia game. This hardware bundle includes a Chromecast Ultra and Stadia controller, and you’ll need to buy a full price game ($59.99 or above) to qualify for the offer. Google’s free offer will run until 11:59PM PT on October 10th, and codes will be distributed by October 20th.

The free Stadia Premier Edition offer will run in the US, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Austria, and Switzerland. Google usually sells its Stadia Premiere Edition for $79.99.

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AMD Finally Releases Overdue Linux CPPC Driver

As reported by Phoronix, AMD’s Zen 3 architecture is getting support for the ACPI CPPC driver designed for Linux-based operating systems. The Collaborative Processor Performance Control driver allows Linux to see which cores have the highest boosting potential in a Ryzen CPU and target the highest boosting cores for single- or lightly-threaded workloads, a feature that has been supported in Windows since the launch of the Zen 2 processors. Additionally, the ACPI driver will improve Linux’s support of Ryzen power states, allowing for better power consumption and performance. However, the new drivers are currently only for Zen 3, with

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The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has amazing hardware, but its software feels unfinished

Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Foldable phones are still relatively new in the grand scheme of smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that some of these products aren’t impressive. For example, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 isn’t a significant improvement over the second generation Galaxy Z Fold 2, the fine-tuning that Samsung has done with the device is very much welcomed. However, the bulk of that tweaking Samsung did with the Z Fold 3 was mainly on the hardware side of things. The software and UI are very much the same as the prior version — and that’s unfortunate because

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