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AMD Finally Releases Overdue Linux CPPC Driver

As reported by Phoronix, AMD’s Zen 3 architecture is getting support for the ACPI CPPC driver designed for Linux-based operating systems. The Collaborative Processor Performance Control driver allows Linux to see which cores have the highest boosting potential in a Ryzen CPU and target the highest boosting cores for single- or lightly-threaded workloads, a feature that has been supported in Windows since the launch of the Zen 2 processors. Additionally, the ACPI driver will improve Linux’s support of Ryzen power states, allowing for better power consumption and performance. However, the new drivers are currently only for Zen 3, with

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The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has amazing hardware, but its software feels unfinished

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 LifestyleSource: Chris Wedel/Android Central

Foldable phones are still relatively new in the grand scheme of smartphones. But that doesn’t mean that some of these products aren’t impressive. For example, while the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 isn’t a significant improvement over the second generation Galaxy Z Fold 2, the fine-tuning that Samsung has done with the device is very much welcomed. However, the bulk of that tweaking Samsung did with the Z Fold 3 was mainly on the hardware side of things. The software and UI are very much the same as the prior version — and that’s unfortunate because

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Studio hacks: 9 inspiring tricks for hardware sequencing

Whether you’re programming drum patterns or generating synth riffs, hardware sequencers, grooveboxes and drum machines are great creative tools. 

1. Use LFOs!

Interesting sequences are all about subtle variations over time. If your sequencer has an LFO (or two), put it to use! The Digitakt’s recent 1.30 update added an additional LFO to each track. For instance, with a hi-hat track you could assign one LFO to sample start and another to filter cutoff. Let the LFOs run freely, and you have tons of easy variation.

2. Quantise when it makes sense

You want your beats to be tight,

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AMD Zen 4 ‘Raphael’ CPUs to Have Better Thermal, Power Management: Report

AMD’s upcoming Ryzen processors based on its Zen 4 architecture are predicted to bring numerous performance improvement’s to the company’s next processors. According to a report from Igor’s Lab, AMD has also improved its power delivery and thermal output reading for Raphael.

As the report notes, AMD has been working to improve overall problems with power management and thermal readings in its upcoming CPU lineup. Given that for the past few generations we have seen reports about incorrect readings of AMD CPU temperatures, this would be welcome news.

Cooling solutions for CPUs depend on one specific CPU output and

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Lawyers Are Looking Into Cracked M1 MacBook Screens

Class action law firm Migliaccio & Rathod LLP is looking for owners of Apple’s latest MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops with cracked screens to make “potential legal claims against” Apple on their behalf. In other words, it sounds like they’re gearing up for a class action lawsuit.

A number of reports about cracked screens on Apple’s latest notebooks emerged in recent months. In most of the cases owners of the laptops said that they opened up their machines only to find huge cracks on their screens that emerged unexpectedly Some of the cracks rendered the PCs useless and

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Kryptor FPGA – Tiny MAX10 FPGA board works as a hardware security module (Crowdfunding)

Kryptor FPGA, sometimes just called Kryptor, is a compact Intel/Altera MAX10 FPGA development board mostly designed for encryption, and acting as a dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM) with a custom soft-core from Skudo OÜ. But obviously, you could also use the FPGA board for other purposes.

Hardware encryption can be quite more secure than software-based encryption with reduced attack surfaces, especially since data processing can be done in the FPGA RAM. The HSM can be used to encrypt files, videos, emails, IoT messages, etc… from various hardware platforms including Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards. Contrary to closed-sourced commercial solutions, the

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Microsoft’s 2021 Surface hardware event: How to watch the computer, tablet and phone reveals

Microsoft’s rumored to be updating many of its Surface products, including its Duo phone.

Scott Stein/CNET

It’s been nearly a decade since Microsoft surprised the tech industry with its first Surface hybrid tablet. Until that moment in 2012, Microsoft had primarily been a software company. Fast forward to 2021, and Microsoft is a hardware veteran, making well-regarded Surface tablets, laptops and desktops. The company makes headphones, keyboards, mice and pens too. It even jumped back into making phones, with the Surface Duo last year.

This year, the company’s expected to announce updates for many of its Surface

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Intel CEO: Clients Want Custom x86-Based SoCs

In a conversation with a financial analyst, Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s chief executive, shared some interesting details about the company’s expectations for the future, talks with potential Intel Foundry Services customers and their needs, Intel’s capabilities to address these needs, and the company’s way of taking advantage of internal and external manufacturing. 

Make Intel Bigger and Stronger 

Historically, Intel has always built its core products, including some of the best CPUs, internally using leading-edge and advanced process technologies as well as outsourced some of its low-cost and non-core products to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and United Microelectronics Corp. 

But the economics

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How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 or 10

Though now-a-days it’s a perfectly fine browser, Microsoft Edge is not for everyone. In fact, by many estimates, Edge is not for most people, representing just 3.5 percent of the market, compared to 64.9 percent for Chrome. 

The majority of users who reject Edge, are content to simply install Chrome, Firefox or Opera and change the default browser in Windows 11 or 10. But for some folks, it’s not enough to avoid using Microsoft’s browser and leave it as a vestigial organ on the body of their Start menus; they want to remove Edge altogether.

Normally, if you want to

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August Was a Bad Month for AMD in the Steam Hardware Survey

It is the beginning of a new month, and Valve just updated its Steam Hardware Survey, giving us an updated glimpse into the millions of systems with Steam installed. The latest survey shows an interesting drop in AMD’s CPU market share, hitting its lowest point during 2021.

Valve’s Steam Hardware Survey is not exactly a scientific tracker of processor market share. The survey relies on millions of volunteers to participate, providing data on their rigs with Valve crunching the data ready for publication every single month. However, it still represents a great way to get some insights into market

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