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How To Use A Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

This is not a guide on the most advanced security for your bitcoin holdings. It is an easy way to improve on what most people do. It is not about any one type of hardware wallet, but hardware wallets in general.

Aiming for extreme security right from the beginning is an unreasonable expectation; it must be done in stages, otherwise, you will have gaps in understanding, and such gaps are a security risk. It’s also a security risk to blindly follow advice if you are going to self custody; you need to understand some of what you are doing, too.

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Research Opens the Door to Fully Light-Based Quantum Computing

A team of researchers with Japan’s NTT Corporation, the Tokyo University, and the RIKEN research center have announced the development of a full photonics-based approach to quantum computing. Taking advantage of the quantum properties of squeezed light sources, the researchers expect their work to pave the road towards faster and easier deployments of quantum computing systems, avoiding many practical and scaling pitfalls of other approaches. Furthermore, the team is confident their research can lead towards the development of rack-sized, large-scale quantum computing systems that are mostly maintenance-free.

The light-based approach in itself brings many advantages compared to traditional quantum computing

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PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best graphics card of 2021?

Let’s be totally honest: 2021 was a nightmarish year for graphics cards. If the surge in demand wasn’t bad enough, the global semiconductor shortage made matters a whole lot worse. Combined with increased cryptocurrency mining demand and ludicrous prices capable of sending any bot into overdrive, we’ve ended up with something of a dreadful drought in 2021.

Though these are the PC Gamer Hardware Awards and that means we still want to crown one of this year’s few graphics card releases as the best of the year. That entails rooting through AMD and Nvidia’s latest releases for our 2021 nominees,

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New Linux Build Allows BIOS Updates Without a Reboot

Phoronix spotted a new Intel open-source project for Linux version 5.17 that allows the operating system to update system firmware, like a motherboard’s UEFI or BIOS, without requiring a system restart. This new  “PFRUT,” or the Platform Firmware Runtime and Telemetry drivers, feature comes as a part of the widely-used ACPI spec, meaning we could see the same approach come to Windows and desktop PCs in the future. 

PFRUT gives systems the advantage of not requiring a system restart when you update the BIOS. This feature will be very useful in server deployments where downtime can hinder business operations. Without

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Tesla’s Potent AMD Ryzen Upgrade Arrives Stateside for Model 3, Model Y

We first reported about a month ago that Tesla initiated running changes for 2022 on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced in China. One of the most significant updates was switching from a pokey Intel Atom chip to an AMD Ryzen CPU. We are now learning that the first Ryzen-equipped Teslas are rolling out of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. 

The information comes to us via Teslascope, which posted an image of the vehicle system information screen confirming the inclusion of a Ryzen CPU. For those not in the know, the Ryzen (formerly Atom) is responsible for handling

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PC Gamer Hardware Awards: What is the best SSD of 2021?

Games are getting bigger. And that means that storage is becoming a key element for tomorrow’s virtual worlds. Red Dead Redemption II has an absolutely stunning world to explore, but it rolls in at 116GB. DCS World meanwhile can max out at over 250GB, gulp, and there are plenty of other examples of games that suck up your storage like it’s going out of fashion—check out PC gaming’s biggest storage hogs for more. Don’t worry though, PC storage is more than keeping up with this demand, and along with SSDs getting bigger, they’ve gotten a lot faster and cheaper this

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Asus GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua Review: Absolute Unit

The Asus GeForce RTX 3070 Noctua boldly goes where no graphics card has gone before — at least, not without heavily modding the card on your own. Disclaimer: I love unique looking graphics cards, and I generally think bigger is better. Sure, RGB bling and high factory overclocks are fun, but this monstrous lovechild of Asus and Noctua is something entirely different. Were it not for the high price and somewhat limiting choice of GPU, this could be one of the best graphics cards of all time. But seriously, look at that thing: It takes up four freaking slots! I

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Via Shutters Centaur Technology Site, Sells Off Equipment

Via Technologies sold its Centaur Technology x86 CPU development team to Intel in early November and the company is now auctioning off some of the equipment from Centaur’s site in Austin, Texas. Essentially, this means that the company is shutting down the site and ending chip development operations in the U.S. 

“20,000 square feet of lab space, featuring over 1200 computer test stations and thousands of components,” reads the auction description at Silicon Valley Disposition (via Andreas Schilling). “Servers, electronic test & measurement, Cadence supercomputer, microscopes, burn-in chambers, wafer probers, facility support, and much more.” 

Selling off lab space,

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Asus Admits Fiery Z690 Motherboard Flaw, Starts Recall Program (Updated)

Update 12/30/2020: Asus has opened a new webpage that you can use to see if your motherboard is impacted by the failures. You can find the webpage here. 

Original Report:

Last week widespread reports of melting MOSFETs on Asus’ Z690 Hero motherboards emerged across various social media platforms, with pictures of motherboards that met a fiery fate spurring a bit of investigation from the enthusiast community. We followed up with Asus to learn more, and the company acknowledged the issues to Tom’s Hardware and provided a full statement on the underlying causes (below). The company is also beginning a recall/replacement

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This is what happened in PC gaming hardware in 2021

Has 2021 been a good year for PC gaming? Yes and no. Mostly no, at least for those of us gaming on an older graphics card in dire need of an update. But I’d like to take a moment to appreciate that it’s not all been bad, and there have been some inventive and exciting new products released across these past twelve months—the tech that snuck out between the drama of empty shelves.

You’ve got to take the bad with the good, and we’ve sure had a lot of both. The graphics card shortage, stemming from a wider semiconductor and

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