Scientists are one step closer to error-correcting quantum computers

Mistakes happen — especially in quantum computers. The fragile quantum bits, or qubits, that make up the machines are notoriously error-prone, but now scientists have shown that they can fix the flubs.

Computers that harness the rules of quantum mechanics show promise for making calculations far out of reach for standard computers (SN: 6/29/17). But without a mechanism for fixing the computers’ mistakes, the answers that a quantum computer spits out could be gobbledygook (SN: 6/22/20).

Combining the power of multiple qubits into one can solve the error woes, researchers report October 4 in Nature

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The importance of computer security to store valuable information

In layman’s terms, computer security is all about safeguarding computing systems and their data.

As vital as it is to master computer security, everyone should learn it. About 90% of security measures are in the hands of the user. To keep people’s computers, devices, and data safe, everyone who uses a computer or smartphone should be able to comprehend how to do it. Anyone can help secure a computer.

People rely on computers to do their job and research; thus, their security must be taken seriously. In addition, the information safeguards and its implementation facilitates critical business operations.

Cyber security

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Newegg announces $350 price for 32GB GeIL DDR5 memory – Computer

An early sales page for electronics store Newegg reported a converter price of €302.69 excluding VAT for a set of two GIL 16GB DDR5-4800-DIMMs. It is the first known price of DDR5 memory and confirms the price increase on DDR4.

the quote In Newegg, who was discovered Door TechpowerupFor GeIL Polaris’ upcoming 32GB DDR5-4800 device, which consists of two 16GB memory sticks. the quote Confirms a previous note That DDR5 memory will become much more expensive than DDR4 due to the lower prices of DDR4. It’s the first DDR5 memory to receive an award.

New generation DDR5 memory comes

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Smart contracts are coming to Bitcoin through Dfinity’s Internet Computer

Dfinity Foundation’s Internet Computer blockchain is bringing smart-contract capabilities to the Bitcoin (BTC) network, potentially opening the door to new use cases for the premier cryptocurrency. 

Internet Computer will utilize its so-called chain key cryptography to integrate with Bitcoin, paving the way for smart contracts with native BTC addresses that are hosted directly on Internet Computer, Dfinity Foundation announced Tuesday.

“Internet Computer smart contracts will gain access to bitcoin liquidity, and Bitcoin will gain powerful new smart contract functionality, without the need for insecure and cumbersome trusted bridging services,” explained Dominic Williams, the founder and chief scientist of Dfinity Foundation.

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The DFINITY Foundation Announces Internet Computer And Bitcoin Integration – Smart Contracts Come To Bitcoin

ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Internet Computer blockchain launched by the DFINITY Foundation will leverage new cryptography techniques to integrate with the Bitcoin network, resulting in smart contracts that directly operate on bitcoin balances for the first time. Related R&D work performed by DFINITY will be realized after the Internet Computer community passed a Network Nervous System (NNS) proposal on September 17 with 96.55% approval. It was already the 20,586th proposal sent to the NNS since the network launched in May.

Today, the Bitcoin network hosts almost a trillion dollars of value. However, the Bitcoin network does not currently host “Turing-complete”

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Quantum Computer Maker Rigetti to Go Public Via $1.5 Billion SPAC Deal | Technology News

OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – Quantum computer maker Rigetti & Co Inc said on Wednesday it will go public through a merger with a blank-check firm in a deal that potentially values the combined company at $1.5 billion.

This is the second quantum computer hardware maker to announce going public this year using a blank-check, or special purpose acquisition company (SPAC). Maryland-based IonQ listed on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. SPACs are shell companies that raise funds through an initial public offering to acquire a private company, which then becomes public as a result.

Rigetti said the merger with

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Microsoft expands computer tech program to Juarez

Tech giant will pair industry professionals with high school teachers to prepare students for computer science career, skilled industry jobs

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Microsoft Corp. is expanding its computer science education program to four public schools in Juarez.

The Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) already operates in 23 El Paso campuses, pairing up working professionals with high school teachers and curriculum specialists to enhance computer skills in underserved communities.

“The TEALS expansion to Mexico marks

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