AMD files teleportation patent to supercharge quantum computing

AMD has proposed a patent for ‘teleportation,’ meaning things could be about to get much more efficient around here. With the incredible technological feats humanity achieves on a daily basis, and Nvidia’s Jensen going off on one last year about GeForce holodecks and time machines, it’s easy for us to slip into a headspace that lets us believe genuine human teleportation is just around the corner.

“Finally,” you sigh, mouthing the headline to yourself. “Goodbye work commute, hello popping to Japan for an authentic Ramen on my lunch break.” 

I’m sorry to say the reality is much less… palpable.


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Global Shortage of Computer Chips Hits US Manufacturing | Chicago News

A global shortage of computer chips is causing major headaches for American manufacturers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the disruption of supply chains and manufacturing the world over. Manufacturers of computer chips in Asia have been especially hard hit. And that means companies that make products that rely on such chips are feeling the pinch.

It’s been estimated that U.S. automakers alone will make 1 million fewer cars this year because they’re unable to source the computer chips they need. That in turn has driven up prices of new cars, but also driven a sharp rise in the price of

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What Is Quantum Computing? Answers from Erik Lucero of Google

To understand quantum computing, we spoke to Erik Lucero, PhD, research scientist and site lead for Google Santa Barbara, the company’s Quantum AI campus. Lucero ’05 began his studies at CU Denver, where he double majored in electrical engineering and physics.

Erik Lucero, PhD, earned dual degrees from CU Denver in electrical engineering and physics. He currently works as research scientist and site lead for Google Santa Barbara’s Quantum AI campus.

Bits, Qubits, and Superposition

Before we move on to quantum computing, let’s demystify a few terms. Quantum simply means very small. Quantum mechanics is humanity’s best theory

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A new frontier: Preserving computer and video games at the U-M Library

Computer lab in the U-M Computer and Video Game Archive. The Archive has been working on a new frontier in preservation initiatives. Image credit: Eric Bronson, Michigan Photography

On a normal day, during a normal year, the University of Michigan Library’s popular Computer & Video Game Archive is abuzz with activity.

Since its establishment in the 1970s, the accessible, multipurpose archive has offered students, staff, faculty and the general public a space to take a break, study, conduct research or play games among friends.

CVGA manager Val Waldron says the archive has remained quiet this year due to the ongoing

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IBM partners with the University of Tokyo on quantum computer

Tokyo — IBM and the University of Tokyo have announced one of Japan’s “most powerful” quantum computers.

According to IBM, IBM Quantum System One is part of the Japan-IBM quantum partnership between the University of Tokyo and IBM, “advancing Japan’s quest for quantum science, business and education.”

IBM Quantum System One is currently in operation for researchers at both Japanese scientific institutions and companies, and access is controlled by the University of Tokyo.

“IBM is committed to growing the global quantum ecosystem and facilitating collaboration between different research communities,” said Dr. Dario Gil, director of IBM Research.

According to IBM,

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Searching for multiplicity, in computer science and daily life | MIT News

Right now, Rodrigo Ochigame is reading Russian science fiction, Yugoslav art history, Indian philosophy, and Afro-Caribbean political theory. They are listening to Belgian electroacoustic music, Mongolian experimental rock, and Ethiopian jazz. Occasionally, the PhD student in the Program in History, Anthropology, and Science, Technology, and Society (HASTS) even throws dice to select a new MBTA stop to explore. More often, they apply this practice on the MIT campus, randomly attending departmental seminars on topics ranging from astrophysics to macroeconomics to neurobiology.

Ochigame’s freewheeling curiosity actually stems from a deep conviction about disrupting cultural assumptions — especially their own. “That’s something

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World’s largest computer chip – Illinois News Today

Deep learning, an artificial intelligence technology that enhances voice assistants, self-driving cars, and Go champions, relies on complex “neural network” software placed in layers. Deep learning systems can run on a single computer, but the largest systems are spread across thousands of machines wired into “clusters” and reside in large data centers such as those operated by Google. Sometimes. In a large cluster, as many as 48 pizza box-sized servers slide into a rack that is as high as a person. These racks stand in rows, filling a warehouse-sized building. Neural networks in such systems can tackle difficult problems, but

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U.S. near deal for Nvidia supercomputer as it waits for delayed Intel machine -sources

The logo of Nvidia Corporation is seen during the annual Computex computer exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan May 30, 2017. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu/File Photo

Aug 24 (Reuters) – The U.S. Department of Energy is nearing a deal to purchase a supercomputer made with chips from Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) and Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD.O) as a key lab waits for a larger supercomputer from Intel Corp (INTC.O) that has been delayed for months, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.

The Nvidia and AMD machine, to be called Polaris, will not be a replacement for the Intel-based Aurora machine slated for

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Razer bug lets you become a Windows 10 admin by plugging in a mouse

A Razer Synapse zero-day vulnerability has been disclosed on Twitter, allowing you to gain Windows admin privileges simply by plugging in a Razer mouse or keyboard.

Razer is a very popular computer peripherals manufacturer known for its gaming mouses and keyboards.

When plugging in a Razer device into Windows 10 or Windows 11, the operating system will automatically download and begin installing the Razer Synapse software on the computer. Razer Synapse is software that allows users to configure their hardware devices, set up macros, or map buttons.

Razer claims that that their Razer Synapse software is used by over 100

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