One-Netbook A1 ultra portable laptop review

The past few years have seen the return of a few old trends: vintage vinyl and retro video games, for example. We can now add netbooks to that list, because the cheap and compact form factor from the 2010’s is making a comeback thanks to challenger brands looking to service niche markets.

One-Netbook is one such brand; its A1 notebook targets a very niche audience with a very specific set of features. For example, unlike competing models, it has a rotatable screen that protects the keyboard better (compared to the design of say, the Bmax

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Let’s remember netbooks – The Verge

There’s an Apple event next week, and it’s looking fairly likely that we’ll see updated models of the iPad Pro and perhaps the iPad Mini.

Which is great, because it made me think about the Eee PC, which was either one of the greatest short-lived success stories in tech history or a collective delusion shared by a handful of late 2000s tech bloggers that never actually happened.

The Eee PC 701SDX. It had an SD card slot, and an X.

There were two products that arrived in 2007 that fundamentally changed computing: one, of course, was the iPhone. The second,

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Amit Chaudhuri’s book argues that classical Hindustani music is modernist

The new book of prose by the well-known fiction writer Amit Chaudhuri is described by him as “a narrative but not a story, a series of opening paragraphs, where life is about to happen”. It has autobiographical details including those of initiation into music, and Hindustani classical music, insights into many aspects and history of that music, a narrative of its teachers as Amit found and learnt from them.

Chaudhuri discovers that “The classic occupies a strange place in any culture hovering between authority and illegitimacy receiving both reverence and indifference. In India, the reasons for its questionable status have

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Note to Junior Wall Street Bankers: Stress Can Be Good

An HSBC Holdings Plc contractor named Jonathan Frostick recently wrote an introspective post on LinkedIn about surviving a heart attack. What was striking about the item is that upon experiencing chest pains, Frostick immediately thought not of his wife and family, but how inconvenient it was given all the outstanding projects he had left to finish for HSBC.

The post struck a nerve – – receiving, at last count, 240,000 reactions on the social media platform – because it spoke to the hard-charging culture of Wall Street at a time when Wall Street is doing a lot of soul-searching about

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14 notable differences between the book and Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’

Leigh Bardugo’s novels are so full of descriptive detail amid the bubbling romance and Grisha magic, with painstakingly detailed world-mapping and well-woven geopolitics, that the Netflix show Shadow and Bone has plenty to work with.

But as the book came out in 2012, there’s also plenty of room for the show to make its own improvements.

The eight-episode series draws from two books from Bardugo’s “Grishaverse”: Shadow and Bone (the start of the “Grisha trilogy”) and 2015’s Six of Crows (the first of a duology). Each follows the storylines of Alina Starkov, Mal Oretsev, and the Darkling (referred to in

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When the Stars Go Dark, by Paula McLain book review

McLain herself has gone on to mine the life of Hemingway wife No. 3, journalist Martha Gellhorn, as well as the British aviator, Beryl Markham, who, in 1936, became the first person to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic from Britain to North America. McLain’s latest novel, however, renounces the rewards of the tried-and-true. “When the Stars Go Dark” is a suspense story, and the grim history it draws upon is McLain’s own, interwoven with the real-life kidnapping cases of several young girls in Northern California in the 1990s.

As she acknowledges in her author’s note at the end of

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Michael Davis’ Sesame Street book Street Gang now a movie


“It’s kind of a pinch-me experience for me this week,” says Michael Davis, author of “Street Gang: The Complete History of ‘Sesame Street.’” “We’ve been working on this for so long. And to have this day finally arrive after a year of just real uncertainty about what was gonna be with the film, it’s a tremendous relief, mixed with tremendous excitement.”

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(Editor’s note: The subject of this story, Michael Davis, is southern region manager for Solutions Journalism Network and led the formation of the Charlotte Journalism Collaborative, made up of several local media companies, including The

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