German software giant SAP hit with $8 million fine over Iran exports | News | DW

German software giant SAP will have to pay a fine exceeding $8 million (€6.6 million) over its exports to Iran as part of a cooperation deal, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Thursday. In exchange for voluntarily disclosing its export violations with US authorities, the company will not face criminal prosecution for its trade with Iran. 

SAP admitted to exporting software to firms in Iran and circumventing US sanctions. The DOJ said the consequences for the tech firm could have been more severe if the company had not come forward.

“This could have been worse for SAP if we

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Xiaomi is on a roll, but it needs to fix its software inconsistency

Poco F3 Review Settings App

Credit: C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Opinion post by

Hadlee Simons

The first quarter of 2021 is in the books, and it looks like Xiaomi may have been a major winner. The manufacturer cemented third place for global shipments and is now within spitting distance of Apple in second place.

It’s bound to be welcome news for Xiaomi, especially after its humble beginnings as a ROM developer. And this ROM, dubbed MIUI, still powers all of its smartphones today.

MIUI gained a reputation for being an iOS clone in its early days due to the copycat icons and lack

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US prosecutors fine German software company for violating sanctions against Iran

Federal prosecutors have imposed a fine on a German software company for violating sanctions against Iran.

Software giant SAP SE agreed to pay over $8 million as part of the resolution with the Department of Justice, Commerce Department and Treasury Department, authorities said Thursday.

The company admitted to “thousands” of violations of the Export Administration Regulations and Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations.

Between 2010 and 2017, SAP and its overseas partners released U.S.-origin software, including upgrades and software patches, over 20,000 times to users in Iran. 

The majority of the Iranian downloads went to 14 companies that SAP’s international

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SAP admits to ‘thousands’ of illegal software exports to Iran

SAP has reached a settlement with US investigators to close a prosecution relating to the violation of economic sanctions and the illegal export of software to Iran. 

The cloud software vendor admitted to violating existing sanctions and an embargo placed on the country by the United States.  

According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), SAP violated both the Export Administration Regulations and the Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations “thousands” of times over a period of six years. 

On Thursday, the DoJ said the investigation into SAP’s practices — a global case also involving the Department of the Treasury, Office

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Meet the software engineer who used crypto to buy his $650,000 dream home

When Terrance Leonard first started seriously investing in the cryptocurrency space in 2019, his original goal was to achieve financial independence.

The long-term plan was to invest enough in crypto that he could cash out of some of those investments, purchase real-estate assets and rent those out to earn additional income. That way he wouldn’t necessarily need to a work a traditional job to make ends meet.

But then his ideal home came on the market. Leonard, who works as a software engineer in Washington, D.C., already owned a row-home. But he wanted a home with a larger yard for

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Your Car Is About To Be a Software Platform, Subscriptions and All

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Yes, the Porsche Taycan is flying out of dealerships. And yes, it charges faster than a knife fight in a phone booth. But you may not have heard much about the most vanguard feature on Stuttgart’s newest electric whip.

Explore dynamic updates of the earth’s key data points

For $474 up front — or $12 a month — Porsche HQ will remotely switch on what it calls the intelligent range manager, an over-the-air software update that limits the maximum speed and tweaks the car’s navigation system

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Best beginner DAWs 2021: 11 music production software recommendations for newcomers

The best beginner DAWs will be easy to use compared to their grown-up siblings, and will offer just enough of a track count to handle any newcomer’s needs.

The Digital Audio Workstation has become the foremost essential component in any home or project studio, with the very best DAWs becoming the nerve centre that combines all your hardware and software instruments into a central hub.

Within this hub is where you record, edit, mix and master your projects, taking them from scratch demos to finished tracks.

If you’re just starting out on your music production journey, however, how do you

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This Seattle Software Startup Just Raised $25 Million To Help Immigrants Come To The U.S.

When Boundless Immigration CEO Xiao Wang’s parents immigrated to the the U.S. from their native Nanjing, China, Xiao had to be left behind with relatives. At age three, he joined his parents, both of whom had studied at Arizona State University. To reunite, the family had paid about five months of rent on attorneys, then poured much of their savings into the hands of a fixer to guide them through the high-stakes naturalization process.

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‘Hey, it’s the 21st century ‘ — Portland police seek software upgrade for better tracking of use-of-force reports

Microsoft Office 365.

That’s what the Portland Police Bureau says it needs immediately to help meet U.S. Justice Department requirements on reporting and reviewing when officers use force.

As the only bureau in the city without the Microsoft subscription software, Portland police have relied solely on staff email to track use-of-force reports and supervisors’ reviews of those reports.

“It’s just a terribly inefficient system,” said Mary Claire Buckley, the civilian head of the Police Bureau’s Office of Inspector General. “When you have a million of these things coming in, you lose track of them.”

Officers are supposed to fill out

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iOS 15: Major iPhone software update will change how notifications and home screen works, report claims

An upcoming update to Apple’s iOS will change how its notifications and home screen works, according to a new report.

It will allow people to customise their notifications, redesign the home screen on the iPad, as well as bringing new privacy protections, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

The iOS 15 update is expected to be unveiled this summer ahead of a full release around September, as in previous years.

But the new report claims to reveal some of the key features that will be introduced to that upgrade, both for the iPhone and iPad.

Perhaps chief among them

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