Get Live Translate on older Pixels by sideloading the Pixel 6’s Android System Intelligence

Live Translate is one of Google’s new Machine Learning features that debuted with the Pixel

Live Translate is one of Google’s new Machine Learning features that debuted with the Pixel 6 series. Said to be accelerated by Google’s Tensor chipset, it looked unlikely that it would come to older Pixel smartphones. In fact, the company announced that we would see some of the newly announced features reach older Pixel phones. Some were touted as Pixel 6 exclusive though, such as Live Translate. Well, as it turns out, just like with Magic Eraser, you can install Live Translate on older Pixel phones simply by sideloading an app.

Google’s translation services have always been some of its most popular, and for the uninitiated the Pixel 6 can even translate your messages in real-time. Now, when you type or speak out a message in one language, the Pixel 6 can translate that message into the recipient’s language automatically. This works in the Messages app, but also in multiple third-party apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and more. That feature can actually be enabled on older Pixel smartphones, and one user demonstrated it on the Pixel 4 (via Mishaal Rahman).

To get Live Translate working, all you need to do is sideload the Pixel 6 version of the Android System Intelligence app. You can download it from APKMirror, and you need to make sure that you’re downloading the latest one. It won’t install over an older app version, so if you try to install the same APK after your Pixel gets an update for the Android System Intelligence app, it won’t work. It should, in theory, work on any Pixel phone running on Android 12, though your mileage may vary depending on the phone that you use. I can confirm that it also worked on my Google Pixel 5.

Be sure to let us know down in the comments if you get Live Translate working along with the version number of the APK and what Pixel phone that you used.