How to Polish Acrylic Edges for Your PC Case Mod

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Acrylic is probably the most common material in PC Modding. It is widely used to make custom clear side panels, or any kind of custom panel because it can be painted to any finish and colour, it’s easy to work with and it doesn’t require expensive tools to cut. It can also be cheap, but that depends on the type of acrylic.

Of course, to use acrylic, you need to cut it and, after you cut it, you need to do some polishing to get the look that you want.  You normally need to only polish the edges since standard acrylic is already clear on the surface. As a rule of thumb, any kind of cutting work on acrylic won’t leave a clear finish, and that’s why the edges are the most common part to polish. Below, I’ll explain how to polish acrylic for your case mode in order to get the best results.