PC wins Golden Joystick Award for ‘Ultimate Hardware of All Time,’ accepted by Gabe Newell

It’s good to remind ourselves now and then that video gaming of any form has only been around for about 50 years. The explosion of home electronics over the past half-century has featured some amazing platforms along the way, from the Atari VCS and Colecovision through the NES, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch. But one towers above them all as the Ultimate Hardware of All Time, revealed during today’s Golden Joystick Awards as the venerable, immortal PC.

The other platforms in the top five—the PlayStation, PS4, Super NES, and PlayStation 2—are all worthy contenders, but let’s face it, the PC

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Tesla software glitch prompts safety recall for nearly 12,000 US vehicles | Tesla

Nearly 12,000 Tesla vehicles sold in the US since 2017 are the subject of a safety recall because a communication error may cause a false forward-collision warning or unexpected activation of the emergency brakes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said on Tuesday.

The California automaker said the concern over 11,704 Model S, X, 3 and Y vehicles was prompted after a software update on 23 October to vehicles in its limited early access version 10.3 Full-Self Driving (FSD) (Beta) population.

FSD is an advanced driver assistance system that handles some driving tasks but Tesla says does not make

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versions based on Android 11 and Android 12 coming soon, list of devices revealed

After years of yearly updates for MIUI, Xiaomi took an alternative route with MIUI 12. This particular version had one of the longest-ever life spans for MIUI versions. MIUI 12 was revealed back in the first quarter of 2020 and received an incremental upgrade in the form of MIUI 12.5 earlier this year. A few months later, the software got its second incremental update in the form of MIUI 12.5 Enhanced. After a few months, the company is expected to finally unveil MIUI 13 in all its glory. The new skin update should come with the Xiaomi 12 series, but

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OptConnect Acquires Premier Wireless Solutions, Expanding Hardware and Connectivity Options as well as Managed Services Offering

KAYSVILLE, Utah & SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–OptConnect, a longtime leader in managed wireless services, today announced it has acquired Silicon Valley-based Premier Wireless Solutions (“PWS”), a leading IoT network solutions provider who is a top-tier partner with the world’s most sophisticated IoT hardware and wireless providers.

The acquisition will allow the two complementary and innovative organizations to add additional strategic capabilities, product lines, and service capabilities, while also providing opportunities to scale with greater end-market diversification and global reach. Together, the two organizations will be able to provide a full range of hardware and connectivity options,

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Reconditioning retro hardware: 30-year-old laptop is running again

Everything always revolves around shopping – be it for Black Friday, Christmas or Easter. But why not just repair and reuse instead of always buying something new? This is what our series of articles “Repairing and Upcycling” is all about.

In 1990 the standard operating system for PCs was still called MS-DOS, the graphical user interface Windows 3.1 fit on seven floppy disks and mobile PCs were heavy and expensive. At the time, they usually cost several thousand D-Marks, so I couldn’t resist the offer from the grabber table in a wholesale market: a 368 – a real DX! –

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Free Microsoft Office? Get Word, Excel and PowerPoint for $0 with these tips

You can use Microsoft Office apps for free. 

Josh Miller/CNET

It’s likely you’ve needed access to a Microsoft Word document, a PowerPoint presentation or other basic tools from Microsoft 365 at least once — for either work, school or personal use. Although the software may seem like a necessity, its high price tag makes some people run the other way. If you don’t want to spend your money on Microsoft 365, don’t stress. There are a few ways to get the service for free.  

Microsoft’s suite of productivity software contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint.

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Gaming PC Cyber Monday Deals (2021): Top Gaming Computer & Gaming Hardware Sales Compiled by Retail Egg

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Find the best gaming computer deals for Cyber Monday 2021, including all the latest Alienware, CyberPowerPC, HP & more discounts. Browse the latest deals using the links below.

Best Gaming PC Deals:

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Recuperaron bicicletas y una netbook

En la zona ribereña conocida como La Tosquera, del barrio Río Paraná, hallaron cuatro bicicletas de alta gama nuevas y una netbook, que eran buscadas tras el robo en un depósito del barrio Progreso.

Efectivos de la División de Investigaciones Metropolitana llevaron a cabo un trabajo de inteligencia a fin de esclarecer el delito que fuera perpetrado el jueves último.

Las pistas condujeron al barrio Río Paraná, donde tras averiguaciones y posterior rastrillaje encontraron los objetos buscados que estaban en un monte y tapados con cartones. 

El valor de las bicicletas recuperadas rondaría en $280.000 aproximadamente cada una, según indicaron

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LASU, DELSU partner on software development training

The Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo has offered to train members of staff of Delta State University (DELSU) Abraka on software development services and other relevant skills in Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

The vice-chancellors of both institutions, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello (LASU) and Prof. Andy Egwunyenga (DELSU) alongside their registrars, Mr Emmanuel Fanu and Mrs. Rufina Ufiofio respectively, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to that effect on Wednesday at the LASU campus when the latter paid a courtesy visit to the former.

The knowledge transfer collaboration which will last 12 months but renewable and at a financial cost to

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How remote software locks can inhibit computer reuse

Software locks can be an effective tool to prevent theft and loss of sensitive data, but they can also gum up ITAD firms’ refurbishment processes. | rangizz/Shutterstock

Casey Mathson at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations dreads this scenario: An individual buys a refurbished computer online, only to have previously undetected firmware brick the device and claim it was stolen from “XYZ” company. That angry consumer calls XYZ, which contracts with Dynamic for ITAD services.

“We don’t want the customer to think that we’re stealing laptops and selling them on e-commerce,” said Mathson, quality and inventory specialist at the Onalaska, Wis.-based ITAD company.

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