Gaming PC Cyber Monday Deals (2021): Top Gaming Computer & Gaming Hardware Sales Compiled by Retail Egg

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Find the best gaming computer deals for Cyber Monday 2021, including all the latest Alienware, CyberPowerPC, HP & more discounts. Browse the latest deals using the links below.

Best Gaming PC Deals:

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Recuperaron bicicletas y una netbook

En la zona ribereña conocida como La Tosquera, del barrio Río Paraná, hallaron cuatro bicicletas de alta gama nuevas y una netbook, que eran buscadas tras el robo en un depósito del barrio Progreso.

Efectivos de la División de Investigaciones Metropolitana llevaron a cabo un trabajo de inteligencia a fin de esclarecer el delito que fuera perpetrado el jueves último.

Las pistas condujeron al barrio Río Paraná, donde tras averiguaciones y posterior rastrillaje encontraron los objetos buscados que estaban en un monte y tapados con cartones. 

El valor de las bicicletas recuperadas rondaría en $280.000 aproximadamente cada una, según indicaron

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LASU, DELSU partner on software development training

The Lagos State University (LASU) Ojo has offered to train members of staff of Delta State University (DELSU) Abraka on software development services and other relevant skills in Information Communication and Technology (ICT).

The vice-chancellors of both institutions, Prof. Ibiyemi Olatunji-Bello (LASU) and Prof. Andy Egwunyenga (DELSU) alongside their registrars, Mr Emmanuel Fanu and Mrs. Rufina Ufiofio respectively, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to that effect on Wednesday at the LASU campus when the latter paid a courtesy visit to the former.

The knowledge transfer collaboration which will last 12 months but renewable and at a financial cost to

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How remote software locks can inhibit computer reuse

Software locks can be an effective tool to prevent theft and loss of sensitive data, but they can also gum up ITAD firms’ refurbishment processes. | rangizz/Shutterstock

Casey Mathson at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations dreads this scenario: An individual buys a refurbished computer online, only to have previously undetected firmware brick the device and claim it was stolen from “XYZ” company. That angry consumer calls XYZ, which contracts with Dynamic for ITAD services.

“We don’t want the customer to think that we’re stealing laptops and selling them on e-commerce,” said Mathson, quality and inventory specialist at the Onalaska, Wis.-based ITAD company.

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11 advanced Assistant tricks you should really remember on Android

Fancy new features are fan-frickin’-tastic. But let’s face it: We aren’t all carrying Google’s shiny new Pixel phones. And we don’t all have Android 12 in front of our shiny faces just yet.

With all of that in mind, I thought now would be a fine time to turn our attention to some of Android’s many buried treasures — phenomenal time-saving and productivity-boosting possibilities built right into the software on our existing phones, no matter who made ’em or how old they may be (within the realm of reason, anyway; if you’re still totin’ around a phone with Froyo, sorry

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Razer, the gaming lifestyle brand and hardware supplier, opening new store in Seattle

(Razer Image)

Gamers looking for gear in Seattle will have a new brick-and-mortar retail destination to check out next month. The lifestyle brand Razer — with its distinct neon green aesthetic — is opening in the University Village shopping center on Dec. 4.

The RazerStore is the third in the U.S. for the company, behind San Francisco and Las Vegas. Other locations are in Singapore, London, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Razer, which was founded in 2005, sells gaming hardware such as laptop and desktop computers, headphones and controllers, as well as apparel, bags, chairs and more.

The RazerStore in London.
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Score a Surface Go 2 tablet with up to $140 in savings at Amazon and Best Buy

The Surface Go 2 is an excellent netbook-styled tablet PC, with enough power to be a decent sketchpad, an Office workhorse, web browser, or Netflix device. You can even use it for gaming from the cloud with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which is also on sale for Black Friday, by the way).

If you always felt like the Surface Go 2 was a little too rich for your blood, check out this deal from Best Buy, which is offering $100 off the typical asking price for the base model. If you’re willing to pick up a refurbished option, you can

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British news website was hacked to control readers’ computers, report says

A secretive Israeli company helped hack a British news site and used it to take over the devices of some people who visited the site, cyberreseachers say.

The cybersecurity firm ESET said in a report Tuesday that the company, Candiru, helped an unknown foreign government hack the London news site Middle East Eye with a so-called watering hole attack, which places malicious software on a website to infect and hack the computers of people who visit it.

The research is a rare insight into Candiru, which was blacklisted  this month by the U.S. Commerce Department for supplying “spyware to foreign

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Android TV starts letting you install apps the way you want to

From your phone, of course

It’s been a year since Google granted us a new Chromecast, complete with an actual UI, app support, and a physical remote. Even with some stiff competition, it’s remained one of our favorite ways to watch movies and shows from all of those streaming services you keep meaning to cancel. Now, a new method for installing apps to your streaming box makes it even easier to access more content.

As spotted by Reddit user u/avigi, the Play Store on Android now supports remote installations directly to any Android TV device. While it’s been possible

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Opinion: HomeKit is doomed to fail if Apple doesn’t make their own automation hardware

In July of 1982, industry pioneer Alan Kay said “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” In January of 2007, Steve Jobs used this quote to define his vision for Apple and the iPhone in particular. Over the past decade, Tim Cook has reiterated this belief that Apple is at its best when it makes the hardware, software, and now the services. So why don’t they apply that philosophy to everything they do anymore? Let’s talk about it.

Four key areas to rule

There are currently four key areas of a person’s life that tech

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