Apple won’t merge iPad and Mac, despite hardware convergence

Big quote: Apple CEO Tim Cook once famously said “you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user.” Years later, the company is putting the same processor architecture at the heart of both iPad and Mac, but still strongly believes they are separate, complementary devices and that they should remain that way.

If there’s one thing that Microsoft has proven with its Surface 2-in-1s over the years is that there’s definitely a market out there for devices that encompass the best of both worlds — that of the

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LibreVNA Is A Quality Open Hardware Vector Network Analyser

There was a time when a Vector Network Analyser or VNA was the type of instrument that cost as much as a very fancy car or even a small house. The advent of commodity semiconductors that perform at high RF frequencies coupled with microcontrollers powerful enough to handle the data acquisition and processing might not yet have put those high-perfomance instruments within reach, but at our end of the market it’s opened the possibilities for some useful yet affordable devices. A fresh contender comes from [Jankae], whose LibreVNA tops out at 6 GHz and shows some significant attention to design

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Apple TV 4K: Every upgrade coming to the new streaming box

A lot of changes are coming to the Apple TV 4K streaming box.

Apple/Screenshot by Sarah Tew/CNET

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It may have taken nearly three years, but Apple is finally giving the Apple TV 4K an upgrade, announced at Apple’s Spring Loaded event. The new streaming box costs $179 (£169, AU$249) with 32GB storage or $199 (£189, AU$279) with 64GB and boasts the company’s A12 Bionic processor. It’s better suited for modern home theaters and handling Apple’s latest services, particularly its Apple TV

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Apple Gives the iPad Hardware Brawn. Now It Needs to Give It Mac Software

Hi, Mark here. Apple Inc. just wrapped up it first product event of the year and the star of the show was the new iPad Pro, a piece of hardware that is so powerful it’s arguably better than some Mac computers. But the iPad’s software is holding it back.

It’s time for Apple to pull off the Band Aid and merge the iPad and Mac—at least their operating systems.

The company seems to have done everything it can to delay the inevitable. Over the past few years, it has danced around the idea of combining the Mac and iPad software

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Microsoft’s DirectStorage Will Support PCIe 3.0, All DX12-Capable Hardware

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Last year, Microsoft announced that DirectStorage would deliver the same benefits of the Xbox Velocity Architecture to the PC side of gaming. The company has shared some details of how DirectStorage can accomplish this goal, and what the required specs for the feature are.

If you want to use DirectStorage, you’ll need a PCIe 3.0 NVMe SSD and a GPU that supports DirectX 12, though Microsoft apparently says a DirectX 12 Ultimate GPU will provide the best solution. A limited preview of the feature

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Bitcoin’s Value Plummets as Biden Mulls Nearly Doubled Capital Gains Tax

(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Bitcoin is falling back to earth. This morning, the cryptocurrency’s price was nearly 25% lower than the all-time high set a few weeks ago, and reports that U.S. President Joe Biden plans to nearly double the capital gains tax might be partly responsible.

The cryptocurrency’s value peaked at nearly $65,000 per coin on April 13 as the Coinbase trading platform prepared to go public. Its per-coin price fell as low as $47,467 this morning, according to Coindesk, before starting to rebound.

It’s possible that Bitcoin’s value would have fallen even without the Bloomberg report Thursday afternoon

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Talking Brains, Hardware, and Privacy With Facebook’s Andrew Bosworth

And then after that, it’s this giant, I’d say like it’s a shrug emoji, what happens to it after that. So ultimately, if someone is using a Facebook Portal, or Facebook, let’s say, the air glasses that may eventually come out, if there are some functions that are happening on-device, but ultimately, there’s still data being sent to the server, how do you actually give a consumer control over what happens after that?

AB: Well, it’s actually quite straightforward. The execution of it is not, but the doing of it is straightforward. On Facebook, you have access to all

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Linus Torvalds Responds to Linux Banning University of Minnesota

Saying the University of Minnesota’s ban from contributing to the Linux kernel has been a popular topic of conversation among the open source community would be an understatement. Now,  Linux creator Linus Torvalds has weighed in on the issue, and his response was milder than one might expect.

Whatever he did seems to have worked. Torvalds reportedly told iTWire that “I don’t really know what to say” about the University of Minnesota ban. “I think the email thread is likely the most relevant information. […] I don’t think it has been a huge deal _technically_, but people are pissed off,

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Crypto Exchange Founder Disappears with $2 Billion

The founder of a popular crypto exchange in Turkey has disappeared, with media reports indicating that he has fled the country with $2 billion as roughly 300,000 frustrated users have suddenly lost access to their accounts.

In Turkey, the national currency lira has been in a secular decline for nine consecutive years, urging people to take some risks in a bid to protect their savings and maybe even earn something. As a result, the recent rise of cryptocurrencies predictably attracted many investors who hoped to protect their money and possibly gain some more. But things did not go well for

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