Tendenze e sviluppi del mercato dei netbook

Impatto covid-19 sul mercato globale netbook per assistere a una crescita impressionante durante il 2021-2028

Il Global netbook market Report è presentato in modo chiaro e conciso per aiutarti a comprendere la struttura e le dinamiche del mercato. Sono state analizzate e dichiarate le recenti tendenze, sviluppi e opportunità che hanno portato alla crescita del mercato globale netbook# . Il rapporto si concentra sul mercato globale e fornisce risposte alle domande più importanti che le parti interessate stanno affrontando oggi nel mondo. Le informazioni sulle dimensioni del mercato sollevano la questione dell’espansione della competitività e dell’ostacolo ai settori leader

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Major news sites serve porn after vid.me domain takeover

Major news sites including The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and HuffPost, saw their stories now displaying porn videos instead of the once-embedded intended ones.

The fiasco happened as prominent websites relied on the domain vid.me to embed streaming videos in their articles.

The vid.me domain has been defunct for about four years and has had its ownership transferred over time to different parties.

For those who prefer to watch… ‘Right in front of my salad?’

Websites of major news outlets such as The Washington Post, New York Magazine, and Huffpost, among others, shocked readers when their stories displayed NSFW

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Infinix Storms Campus With Hot 10i, Android Go and PS5 Giveaway

Infinix has rolled out yet another device, the Infinix Hot10i. This new device is here to help you power your fun with your smartphone in your hands. Young consumers are ambitious, fun-seeking,  photography lovers, music-savvy and stylish. You can call the Hot10i a perfect fit for what they’re all about. The best part is the affordability of this device and the fact that you stand a chance to win instant gifts on purchase.

This Hot 10i device, in partnership with Android Go, provides you with awesome user functions for non stop fun. The main  features of the Hot10i include;

  • A
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The Pebble’s hardware buttons couldn’t save smartwatches from touchscreens

Touchscreens have taken over smartwatches. But it didn’t have to be this way. For a few short years, Pebble showed a different way forward with a purely hardware-based user interface that reigned supreme, until it — like the rest of the company — was left behind by the rest of the industry.

Virtually every smartwatch today relies on a mixture of touchscreens and hardware buttons — from the Apple Watch and its digital crown to Samsung’s rotating bezels. Even Fitbit’s most basic trackers like the Charge feature touchscreens to supplement physical buttons.

But Pebble held out. From the time it

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Delays with European Approval of Nvidia-Arm Deal Could Break It

The $40 billion transaction between Nvidia and Softbank over acquisition of processor designer Arm could be delayed by the European Commission which is yet to receive all the necessary documents from the U.S. GPU giant. If the approval is delayed significantly, Arm will be forced to consider an IPO. 

Sources with knowledge of the Nvidia-Arm transactions told The Telegraph that if delays and rival obstacles turn out to be undefeatable, an IPO remains an option for Arm. 

The European Commission, including the competition regulators, go to summer holiday starting Monday, July 26. So far, the EC has not even started

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New ‘chaos engineering’ tool shared between DOD software factories

Written by

Jackson Barnett

The Air Force’s Kessel Run software factory is transitioning to the Navy a tool that it has been developing for the past two years that is designed to emulate persistent enemy attacks on a system.

The Navy’s Black Pearl software factory will be the first group outside of Kessel Run to get the tech stack and list of best practices on implementing it. But eventually, the goal is for as many coders to get their hands on it as possible, lead engineer Omar Marrero told FedScoop.

The tech stack and Air

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Intel’s Q2 2021: PCs up 33 Percent, Servers Continue Decline

Intel released its Q2 2021 earnings report today, notching its tenth consecutive quarter that beat estimates, raking in $19.6 billion. Intel reported that its PC volumes increased 33% on the year, spread across gains in both laptops and desktops. However, Intel’s server unit continued to post weak results, and the company reduced its gross margin outlook. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also declined to comment on recent reports that the company is in talks to purchase GlobalFoundries for $30 billion.  

Intel says it will ship several million Alder Lake chips to its partners in the second half of this year, and

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How To Create a Multiboot USB Drive for Linux

There are hundreds, if not thousands of active Linux distributions and although many of the desktop distributions look the same, featuring the same set of applications or even desktop environments, there’s still a lot which separates them. This is why, for most novice Linux users, distro hopping – the practice of frequently switching between Linux distributions, is the only sane course to find one they’re comfortable with. Although many distributions now provide Live-installable images, making it possible to try the distribution without installing it first, constantly formatting USB drives to make room for the next distribution is quite cumbersome.


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EVGA Is Immediately Replacing All RTX 3090s That Died From New World

According to an EVGA discussion with JayzTwoCents, EVGA’s customer support is in full swing, replacing all of its customer’s RTX 3090s that have died from Amazon’s New World game. Customers that RMAed their RTX 3090 yesterday reportedly already have new 3090’s being shipped to their doorstep.

This is some excellent customer support coming out from EVGA. Even before the company has a chance to test dead cards, it’s shipping out replacements to sad and frustrated consumers. EVGA is even cross-shopping cards when necessary to accelerate delivery times. (Hint: It’s always necessary!)

If you have an EVGA RTX 3090 that

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OneStream Software to expand, move headquarters to downtown Birmingham

Rapidly-growing B2B software company OneStream Software LLC plans to expand from its Rochester base of operations, opening a new headquarters in Birmingham by the end of the year, Crain’s has learned.

The company plans to keep two office locations in Rochester, but move many functions to the more than 23,000 square-foot Birmingham building at 191 North Chester St., on the western edge of the Oakland County city’s high-end central business district. Its current main office at 362 South St. in Rochester is about 5,500 square feet.

The company plans to “completely trick out” the building, which is expected to house

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