August Was a Bad Month for AMD in the Steam Hardware Survey

It is the beginning of a new month, and Valve just updated its Steam Hardware Survey, giving us an updated glimpse into the millions of systems with Steam installed. The latest survey shows an interesting drop in AMD’s CPU market share, hitting its lowest point during 2021.

Valve’s Steam Hardware Survey is not exactly a scientific tracker of processor market share. The survey relies on millions of volunteers to participate, providing data on their rigs with Valve crunching the data ready for publication every single month. However, it still represents a great way to get some insights into market

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EV Makers Must Accept That Software Can’t Fix Every Bad Battery

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On May 1 a Chevrolet Bolt caught fire while sitting in a garage in Ashburn, Virginia. Fortunately nobody was harmed, but the fire badly charred the owner’s home and vehicles.

At the time the incident occurred, we didn’t know what the state of the Bolt was, whether it had been updated to the latest fire risk-mitigating software or if it had any sort of accident history that might’ve made it more susceptible to going up in flames.

Thanks to an interview with the owner published late last week by Electrek, it would seem the car was

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Bad software sent postal workers to jail, because no one wanted to admit it could be wrong

For the past 20 years UK Post Office employees have been dealing with a piece of software called Horizon, which had a fatal flaw: bugs that made it look like employees stole tens of thousands of British pounds. This led to some local postmasters being convicted of crimes, even being sent to prison, because the Post Office doggedly insisted the software could be trusted. After fighting for decades, 39 people are finally having their convictions overturned, after what is reportedly the largest miscarriage of justice that the UK has ever seen.

The impact on these employees has been

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