Chinese players start review-bombing Life is Strange: True Colors over Tibetan flag

Life is Strange: True Colors is set in the town of Haven Springs, where a shop called Treasures of Tibet can be seen flying a Tibetan flag above its entrance. That flag is used a symbol of the Tibetan independence movement and is banned in mainland China, which is why it’s become a source of complaint among Chinese players on Steam.

While its user rating remains Very Positive, the majority of its negative reviews are from Chinese players. “The game contains elements of Tibetan independence, implying a split of China”, says one negative review, and “Tibet is a

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PCIe 4.0 SSD With Chinese 128L 3D TLC NAND Hits 7.5 GBps

Asgard, a Chinese memory and storage manufacturer, has announced the company’s first PCIe 4.0 SSD. With its blazing speed, the AN4 could easily rival some of the best SSDs that are currently on the market.

The AN4 is based on Innogrit’s IG5236 Rainier controller and YMTC’s 128-layer 3D TLC (triple-level cell) NAND chips. YMTC (Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd) produces the 128-layer TLC NAND with the company’s proprietary Xtacking 2.0 technology. The process consists of producing the interconnects and NAND stacks on separate wafers. YMTC then fuses the wafers together by aligning the millions of little holes with an

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Chinese Developers Claim World’s Fastest Quantum Computer

Chinese researchers have demonstrated what they claim to be the most powerful quantum computer in the world. To prove how fast the supercomputer is , the researchers completed a convoluted calculation that would take a typical supercomputer about eight years to complete in little over an hour.  

The Zuchongzhi quantum computer is a 66-qubit machine, reports ZME ScienceFor comparison, Google’s Sycamore chip features 53 qubits, whereas IBM’s Q System One chip packs 20 qubits. Packing qubits into chips and creating the quantum mechanical superposition effect is not easy, but ensuring that they work correctly (without an error)

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