It’s time to dump Chrome as your default browser on Android

Jack Wallen makes his case for Android users to switch from Chrome as their default browsers. He also shows you how.

I’m going to be honest here, I don’t use a web browser very often on Android. Most often I stick with specific applications. Now, I get that some of those applications are Single Page Web apps that are probably using bits of Chrome under the hood. But as far as using a full-fledged web browser, it’s only sporadic on my phone. 

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Until probably a year ago, I didn’t mind using Chrome on Android.

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NPM package steals Chrome passwords on Windows via recovery tool

New npm malware has been caught stealing credentials from the Google Chrome web browser by using legitimate password recovery tools on Windows systems.

Additionally, this malware listens for incoming connections from the attacker’s C2 server and provides advanced capabilities, such as screen and camera access, directory listing, file lookup, file upload, and shell command execution.

As seen by BleepingComputer, the identified packages have been sitting on the npm registry since 2018 and scored over 2,000 total downloads at the time of writing.

Uses ChromePass utility to ‘recover’ Chrome passwords

Today, researchers at ReversingLabs have disclosed their findings on two malicious

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Google Chrome for Android Gets a New Screenshot Tool in the Sharing Menu

Google Chrome for Android is getting a new built-in Screenshot tool. The new option appears in the sharing menu in the bottom row along with Copy Link, Send to Your Devices, QR Code, and Print. The new tool seems to be a part of the Chrome 91 update for Android that was recently released by Google. The screenshot tool is an addition to Google’s revamped ‘Sharing Menu’ that was introduced last year. The new feature should make it easier to take screenshots of webpages.

The new screenshot tool in Chrome for Android has apparently been made available with the

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[Updated] Want to disable Tab Groups in Chrome on Android? Here’s how

The following video summarizes this article:

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Original story (published on January 29, 2021) follows:

There appears to be a recent server-side update on Google Chrome browser for Android following which the tab-view has been completely altered for many.

Previously, tabs used to appear in a vertical cascading list of cards that spanned the entire length of the screen. This view only allowed previewing one site at a time.

Chrome’s old vertical tab layout

But after the update, tabs now appear in a grid layout allowing several opened sites to

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Chrome OS update adds a host of small but useful features

Google is beginning to roll out the latest iteration of Chrome OS, version 90, which delivers a host of enhancements and extra utilities.

Chrome OS is the Linux-based operating system that powers Chromebooks, the portable and cloud-centric netbook alternatives. 

The devices and the OS that powers it have seen a recent surge in popularity thanks primarily to the pandemic, which forced many workers into remote-first and cloud-dependent environments.

A couple of weeks ago, Chrome OS took on some new education-related features to make the devices more useful for remote learning. Chrome OS 90, meanwhile, adds a handful of useful productivity

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