Lagos Police Working With Hoodlums Label Software Developers As Internet Fraudsters Without Proof, Extort N50,000 From Them

A young man identified as Samuel has narrated how he, alongside his sibling, was extorted by men of the Lagos State Police Command on Saturday. 

The young man said the officers were working with hoodlums who bundled the duo into a yellow bus, popularly known as danfo, only to discover there were police officers in the bus waiting for their prey.

According to him, the officers requested access to their phones, which was granted. He said despite the absence of incriminating materials, the officers seized the phones, labelling the brothers as internet fraudsters and cult members. 

Samuel and his brother

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PS5 architect Mark Cerny on game developers influencing hardware design

The PlayStation 5 started with a simple brainstorm. Or at least, that’s how Mark Cerny, the console’s lead system architect, puts it.

In a new video from Wired, Cerny explains how Sony built the PS5 was built, and goes into detail on why each component was chosen and how they all help power the system. Beyond all the technical talk of graphics processing units (GPUs), solid-state drives (SSDs), and the computation behind real-time ray tracing, Cerny shines a light on the kinds of people who helped Sony prioritize what should (and shouldn’t) be included in the console.

Cerny begins

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Complexity is killing software developers

“Complexity kills,” Lotus Notes creator and Microsoft veteran Ray Ozzie famously wrote in a 2005 internal memo. “It sucks the life out of developers; it makes products difficult to plan, build, and test; it introduces security challenges; and it causes user and administrator frustration.”

If Ozzie thought things were complicated back then, you can’t help but wonder what he would make of the complexity software developers face in the cloud-native era.

The shift from building applications in a monolithic architecture hosted on a server you could go and touch, to breaking them down into multiple microservices, packaged up into

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Chinese Developers Claim World’s Fastest Quantum Computer

Chinese researchers have demonstrated what they claim to be the most powerful quantum computer in the world. To prove how fast the supercomputer is , the researchers completed a convoluted calculation that would take a typical supercomputer about eight years to complete in little over an hour.  

The Zuchongzhi quantum computer is a 66-qubit machine, reports ZME ScienceFor comparison, Google’s Sycamore chip features 53 qubits, whereas IBM’s Q System One chip packs 20 qubits. Packing qubits into chips and creating the quantum mechanical superposition effect is not easy, but ensuring that they work correctly (without an error)

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Android developers will need to add iOS-like privacy information soon

Image: Google

Google will follow in the footsteps of Apple and is set to introduce privacy information requirements for developers that publish apps in its Play Store.

The company said in a blog post that developers will need to state what data is collected and stored, such as location, contacts, name, email address, and types of files stored; how the data is used, such as whether it changes app functionality or personalisation; which security practices, such as encryption, the app uses; and if the app follows Google’s families policy.

App makers will also need to state whether apps need the

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