Ex-Uber driver takes legal action over ‘racist’ face-recognition software | Uber

An Uber driver who lost his job when automated face-scanning software failed to recognise him is accusing the firm of indirect race discrimination in a legal test case.

The black driver, who worked on the Uber platform from 2016 until April 2021, has filed an employment tribunal claim alleging his account was illegally deactivated when facial-verification software used to log drivers on to the ride-hailing app decided he was not who he said he was.

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which is backing the action, claimed at least 35 other drivers had had their registration with Uber

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AMD Finally Releases Overdue Linux CPPC Driver

As reported by Phoronix, AMD’s Zen 3 architecture is getting support for the ACPI CPPC driver designed for Linux-based operating systems. The Collaborative Processor Performance Control driver allows Linux to see which cores have the highest boosting potential in a Ryzen CPU and target the highest boosting cores for single- or lightly-threaded workloads, a feature that has been supported in Windows since the launch of the Zen 2 processors. Additionally, the ACPI driver will improve Linux’s support of Ryzen power states, allowing for better power consumption and performance. However, the new drivers are currently only for Zen 3, with

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AMD and Valve Working on CPU Driver That Could Boost Steam Deck Performance

According to a report from Phoronix, AMD and Valve are working together to design a better CPU performance scaling driver for Linux, targeting the Steam Deck gaming console. 

Valve has recently launched its Steam Deck gaming console that houses AMD’s custom Ryzen APU with embedded RDNA 2 GPU and Zen 2 CPU powered by a Linux-based Arch operating system (OS). Given that this system runs a Linux-based OS, Valve has to optimize the software as much as possible to ensure a smooth and consistent gaming experience across various AAA titles.

According to the report, Valve has been improving the

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