The DFINITY Foundation Announces Internet Computer And Bitcoin Integration – Smart Contracts Come To Bitcoin

ZURICH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Internet Computer blockchain launched by the DFINITY Foundation will leverage new cryptography techniques to integrate with the Bitcoin network, resulting in smart contracts that directly operate on bitcoin balances for the first time. Related R&D work performed by DFINITY will be realized after the Internet Computer community passed a Network Nervous System (NNS) proposal on September 17 with 96.55% approval. It was already the 20,586th proposal sent to the NNS since the network launched in May.

Today, the Bitcoin network hosts almost a trillion dollars of value. However, the Bitcoin network does not currently host “Turing-complete”

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GitHub Copilot is ‘unacceptable and unjust,’ says Free Software Foundation

GitHub Copilot, a Visual Studio Code extension that uses artificial intelligence to help developers write code, has drawn the ire of the Free Software Foundation (FSF), which is calling for white papers that address legal and philosophical questions raised by the technology.

GitHub Copilot is “unacceptable and unjust, from our perspective,” the FSF wrote in a blog post calling for white papers on the implications of Copilot for the free software community. The reason is that Copilot requires running software that is not free, such as Microsoft’s Visual Studio IDE or Visual Studio Code editor, the FSF contends, and constitutes

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Linux Foundation Issues Frosty Final Judgment in UMN Scandal

The Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board has released its findings regarding the University of Minnesota’s (UMN) contributions to the Linux kernel—including those related to the research projects that got the university banned from working on that kernel. The group also explained how the school might be able to earn some forgiveness, but it won’t be easy.

A quick refresher: In mid-April, the Linux developer who oversees the kernel’s stable channel, Greg Kroah-Hartman, banned the entire UMN system from contributing to the Linux kernel in response to a couple of the university’s research projects that centered on purposefully introducing faulty code

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