Positive Grid expands its hardware lineup with the new BIAS FX 2-friendly Riff audio interface

Following the launch of its hugely popular Spark practice amp in 2020, Positive Grid has marked a further foray into the world of hardware with the arrival of the new Riff audio interface.

Designed to “supercharge your mobile rig”, the Riff is compatible with both computers and smartphones via USB connectivity, and is chiefly intended to couple with the company’s BIAS FX 2 amp modeling software, which allows users to design their own digital guitar rigs from the ground up, choosing from hundreds of amps, cabs and effects.

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Positive Grid Riff

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Seagate Demonstrates HDD with PCIe NVMe Interface (Updated)

Update 11/16/2021 03:58 PT:

Seagate has indicated that the first commercial NVMe hard drives will not ship in 2024. This information has been added to the main story.

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Seagate has demonstrated the industry’s first hard disk drive connected to a host using a PCIe interface at the Open Compute Project Summit. Like solid-state drives, the experimental hard drive uses the NVMe protocol to operate alongside SSDs seamlessly. Usage of a single protocol for different types of storage devices will greatly simplify datacenters.

The experimental SSD is based on Seagate’s proprietary controller that supports all three major protocols, including

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Toward next-generation brain-computer interface systems — ScienceDaily

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are emerging assistive devices that may one day help people with brain or spinal injuries to move or communicate. BCI systems depend on implantable sensors that record electrical signals in the brain and use those signals to drive external devices like computers or robotic prosthetics.

Most current BCI systems use one or two sensors to sample up to a few hundred neurons, but neuroscientists are interested in systems that are able to gather data from much larger groups of brain cells.

Now, a team of researchers has taken a key step toward a new concept for a

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