Black Friday: The best deals we’ve found on Nintendo Switch hardware and games

Why it matters: Nintendo’s Black Friday deals are live, headlined by a sweet offering in which you can score one of the Switch’s top games absolutely free. GameStop also has a pretty sweet Black Friday sale, with several top Switch games commanding just $26.99 for a limited time.

Nintendo’s top deal includes a Nintendo Switch (the standard model, not the new OLED model or the Switch Lite) plus a download code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $299.99.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe typically retails for $59.99 and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo says chip shortage hitting hardware development

Tokyo: Japan’s Nintendo Co Ltd said on Friday that a global chip shortage which forced the firm to scale back expectations for sales of its hit Switch device is also hitting hardware development.

“The semiconductor situation is having some effect on hardware development,” Nintendo executive Ko Shiota, who heads the development team, told an analyst briefing.

“We are looking at substituting components and tweaking designs to try and reduce the impact,” he added.

The comments come a day after company president Shuntaro Furukawa said there was no sign of chip shortages easing as Nintendo cut its full-year Switch sales forecast.

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8 Games That Missed Nintendo Hardware

Any longtime Nintendo fan knows that the company’s third-party publishing partners can be fair-weather friends. Plenty of the industry’s biggest franchises have been absent from Nintendo hardware for quite some time. In some cases, Nintendo’s own bold decisions over cartridges and standard definition gaming have cost them key entries in series that were once synonymous with their brand.

But, thanks to the Switch’s popularity, some of the most infamous games to skip Nintendo hardware have come home. Square’s ambitious Final Fantasy VII was once too big to fit on an N64 cart, a factor in driving the longtime Nintendo partner … Read More

Nintendo Switch OLED – The Screen’s The Star

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo has a long and proud history of relentlessly iterating and upgrading its portable systems on a regular basis, but, outside of the smaller, cheaper Switch Lite, the original model has been the company’s workhorse for the past four-and-a-bit years, contributing massively to the 89 million Switch units sold so far.

Sure, an updated version with superior battery life arrived in 2019, but on the whole, the Japanese giant has stuck with the existing 2017 design, which is an uncharacteristically loyal approach (the Game Boy Advance was updated after less than two years on sale, while the

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Just like the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck is the result of failed hardware

The Steam Deck is set to become the handheld gaming PC of many players’ dreams when it launches next year, but Valve staffers have come forward to say it likely wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for some of Valve’s more notable flops – such as the Steam Machine.

The Steam Machine was a kind of pre-built gaming PC running a Linux-based operating system known as SteamOS. Valve didn’t manufacture them itself, instead working in collaboration with third-party manufacturers like Alienware. While you can still get Steam Machines here and there, though, they didn’t exactly set the market alight, and

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Nintendo Hardware Refreshes Through The Ages – Feature

With rumours coming in thick and fast that a new Switch hardware announcement is incoming before E3 2021, we thought it the perfect time to revisit this article about Nintendo’s history of console revisions and upgrades. It was originally published to accompany the launch of Switch Lite — the first addition to the Nintendo Switch family of consoles — back in 2019. Enjoy!

Mid-cycle hardware refreshes may sometimes feel like a relatively recent development, but console manufacturers have been releasing revised versions of their consoles since video gaming first entered the home. You might associate Nintendo hardware refreshes mostly with … Read More

Valve’s handheld gaming PC could take on the Nintendo Switch

Although gaming handhelds have been around since the days of the Nintendo Game Boy, the Nintendo Switch definitely kicked up interest by a notch, revealing a potentially profitable market for portable devices that can run AAA titles, even in medium or low settings only. That, in turn, has created a series of devices and concept designs inspired by the Switch, except running PC hardware and PC games instead. Given that trend, it’s not surprising to hear that Valve, best known for the Steam PC gaming platform, is planning to jump into that fray and no later than the end of

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The Onexplayer could be the Nintendo Switch successor you’re looking for

One-Netbook Technology has launched its first handheld games console, the Onexplayer, which aims to let PC players take their games with them on the go in a portable format, and the specs look quite promising for a handheld device.

Launched on May 10 with worldwide shipping available, the Onexplayer might not be the cheapest gaming device around at $1,059 (around £750 / AU$1,345), but consumers can nab the console for $819 (around £580 / AU$1,040) if purchased during the “early bird” sales period via the product’s Indiegogo page.

Powered by an Intel Core 11th-gen processor, the Onexplayer features an

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