Whatsapp will stop working on these Android phones, iPhones by November 2021

2021 is about to end in the next three months and that means there is another cycle of WhatsApp ending support for some Android smartphones and iPhones.
WhatsApp has shared a list of devices that will no longer support the WhatsApp messaging app starting November 1, 2021.
In general, these will be Android phones that are running on Android 4.0.3 or lower, and Apple iPhones that are running on iOS 9 or older.
If you are using an old Android phone or an iPhone then you may have to worry about Whatsapp support
If your Android phone doesn’t even
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How to trade in your old Pixel phones

There are a plethora of new and exciting smartphones that have just come onto the market (or are about to), and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to find out that you are planning to upgrade from your current phone. Samsung has introduced two new folding phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, along with its flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra. Meanwhile, Google has released its latest mid-priced Pixel 5A and has announced its upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Whether you want to buy one of Samsung’s new folding phones or one of

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The Death of Android Auto for Phones: Everything You Need to Know

The first of them is Android Auto, an application that requires dedicated hardware support in every car, with the Android smartphone connected to the head unit then mirroring the UI on the larger screen inside the cabin. The full version of Android Auto therefore requires an Android phone and a compatible head unit with support for either wired or wireless connections.

The second is Android Auto for phones, a simplified version of the full app that runs on the phone but offers the same approach, user interface, and app support. In other words, what you typically see on the screen

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Help! Android phones now copying Apple’s flat iPhone 12 design & MagSafe

Some “blast from the past” examples:
  • The headphone jack – It’s been five years since Apple ditched the 3.5mm audio port. Of course, as you know, other smartphones followed through, and now it’s a rarity to see a smartphone that has a dedicated AUX port.
  • Face ID – Secure 3D unlock was first introduced with the iPhone X. Then, a few Android manufacturers copied this feature, and that’s how we ended up with phones with huge notches when in reality, a fingerprint reader is a much more practical solution. Huawei even had both a UTS fingerprint sensor and 3D face
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Android users warned about a new threat to their phones – DON’T click on these links

“The problem is that some of these link shortener services use aggressive advertising techniques such as scareware ads: informing users their devices are infected with dangerous malware, directing users to download dodgy apps from the Google Play store or to participate in shady surveys, delivering adult content, offering to start premium SMS service subscriptions, enabling browser notifications, and making dubious offers to win prizes.”

ESET said depending on which devices you’re using, these URL shorteners can pose different threats.

For instance, iOS users could be flooded with unwanted ads and see their calendars filled with events that spam them and

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7 Cool Pixel Features You Can’t Get on Other Android Phones

Image for article titled 7 Cool Pixel Features You Can't Get on Other Android Phones

Photo: Sam Rutherford/Gizmodo

The Google Pixel series of phones hasn’t really caught the imagination or attracted the sort of sales in the same way that its big-name Android rivals have, but Google actually introduced Android features first on its Pixel lineup. Here are a few of the most important Pixel exclusives that make it more tempting to buy one—besides the obvious advantage of getting access to new Android software before anyone else.

Image for article titled 7 Cool Pixel Features You Can't Get on Other Android Phones

Screenshot: Android

1. Screen Your Calls With Google Assistant

The Pixel call-screening feature leverages the smarts of Google Assistant, which will respond to incoming

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Android phones will get six new features – and you don’t need to wait until Android 12

Google frequently releases content drops for its Pixel phones, to give them constant new features, but now the company is bringing a new batch of features to all Android phones.

As detailed in Google’s blog, the six new additions cover a range of features, from accessibility to texting changes, and we’ll run you through them all below.

Most of these features will presumably be available on all Android phones, whether you’ve got a brand new powerhouse or an older device. The two exceptions are the emoji and Android Auto features – you need to be on Android 6 or

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Samsung phones already protected against modem vulnerability that lets hackers listen to your calls

Google and other Android manufacturers try to keep on top of the hardware and software security, at varying degrees of intensity. But a vulnerability in widely-used Qualcomm SoCs disclosed by Check Point Research today was particularly alarming. It could theoretically allow a malicious app to patch the software for Qualcomm’s MSM modem chips, giving it access to call and text history or even the ability to record conversations. Thankfully, most Samsung phones have already received a patch

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Samsung launches software update to turn older Galaxy phones into IoT devices

Image: Samsung

Samsung said on Wednesday it has launched a new software update that will allow consumers to convert their older Galaxy smartphones to various types of IoT devices.

Called Galaxy Upcycling at Home, it is an expansion of its Galaxy Upcycling program and is aimed at giving new life to older devices. 

Currently in beta, Galaxy Upcycling at Home will be available in South Korea, the US, and the UK first. The company said it would research usage in the three countries and support technical verification, then provide the service to additional countries at a later time.

According to

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