Facebook Hardware Devs Reportedly Skeptical of Metaverse

During today’s announcement, Facebook revealed that it’s rebranding itself as “Meta” — a huge play to virtual and augmented reality technologies, in an effort to replace users’ reality wholesale.

In a tech demo, Facebook execs showed off impressive augmented reality versions of their own physical bodies — credit where credit is due — in the form of uncanny renderings that had an impressive amount of detail, down to the pores of their skin.

It’s a wild conceptualization of an augmented reality future, but as CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself admitted, the technology is still years out — that is, if the

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Apple Engineers Have Reportedly Expressed Concern Over the Company’s Weak Living Room Hardware Strategy

Despite the Apple TV 4K getting refreshed with an updated Siri remote, along with the HomePod mini, the company’s engineers reportedly believe that there is not a strong living room hardware strategy in place. Apple is expected to introduce more products in the coming years, but as of right now, the technology giant’s staff is not exuberant with confidence.

Most Living Room Hardware Products From Apple Already Have Cheaper Options From Competitors

In Mark Gurman’s latest ‘Power On’ newsletter reported by MacRumors, some Apple engineers who have likely remained anonymous have expressed doubts over the company’s incoherent living room

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Apple Engineers Reportedly Pessimistic About Apple’s Living Room Hardware Strategy

Apple’s living room hardware strategy remains poorly defined and lacks a coherent vision, with engineers allegedly pessimistic about the product line, according to a new report.

This year the Apple TV got an iterative update with a redesigned Siri Remote, while the HomePod was discontinued. Apple is now said to be developing a combined HomePod-Apple TV device with a built-in screen and FaceTime camera.

In his latest “Power On” newsletter, however, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman says that Apple engineers have personally expressed concerns to him about the direction of Apple’s living room hardware strategy.

Despite the obvious benefits of

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Graphics Cards Reportedly Set to Get Cheaper This Quarter

Average selling prices of high-end graphics cards more than doubled in the recent quarters due to insufficient GPU and components supply amid growing demand from gamers and miners. But as supply gets better and demand from miners is lowering, the prices of graphics cards are projected to get lower starting this quarter.

Demand for modern high end graphics cards based on AMD’s RDNA 2 and Nvidia’s Ampere architecture from gamers will remain high in the coming quarters. But as China’s government is doing everything to crack down crypto currency mining and trading, demand from mining farms will inevitably get lower,

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REvil Ransomware Group Reportedly Drops Apple Threat

The hacking group known as REvil has reportedly pulled all references to a ransomware attack against Apple supplier Quanta Computer from its home on the dark web, MacRumors reports.

Last week, the group had threatened Quanta with ransomware, demanding $50 million by April 27 in order to stop it from leaking product blueprints. It appears, per BleepingComputer, that after Quanta didn’t budge, it turned to Apple for the money.

“Quanta Computer’s information security team has worked with external IT experts in response to cyber attacks on a small number of Quanta servers,” a Quanta spokesperson told BleepingComputer last

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