Black Friday: The best deals we’ve found on Nintendo Switch hardware and games

Why it matters: Nintendo’s Black Friday deals are live, headlined by a sweet offering in which you can score one of the Switch’s top games absolutely free. GameStop also has a pretty sweet Black Friday sale, with several top Switch games commanding just $26.99 for a limited time.

Nintendo’s top deal includes a Nintendo Switch (the standard model, not the new OLED model or the Switch Lite) plus a download code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online for $299.99.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe typically retails for $59.99 and a three-month Nintendo Switch Online

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Nintendo Switch OLED – The Screen’s The Star

Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo has a long and proud history of relentlessly iterating and upgrading its portable systems on a regular basis, but, outside of the smaller, cheaper Switch Lite, the original model has been the company’s workhorse for the past four-and-a-bit years, contributing massively to the 89 million Switch units sold so far.

Sure, an updated version with superior battery life arrived in 2019, but on the whole, the Japanese giant has stuck with the existing 2017 design, which is an uncharacteristically loyal approach (the Game Boy Advance was updated after less than two years on sale, while the

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Just like the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck is the result of failed hardware

The Steam Deck is set to become the handheld gaming PC of many players’ dreams when it launches next year, but Valve staffers have come forward to say it likely wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for some of Valve’s more notable flops – such as the Steam Machine.

The Steam Machine was a kind of pre-built gaming PC running a Linux-based operating system known as SteamOS. Valve didn’t manufacture them itself, instead working in collaboration with third-party manufacturers like Alienware. While you can still get Steam Machines here and there, though, they didn’t exactly set the market alight, and

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NASA preparing to switch glitchy Hubble Space Telescope to backup hardware if needed

As NASA continues to diagnose a computer glitch on the Hubble Space Telescope, engineers are preparing to turn on some of the observatory’s backup hardware.

The main computer on the venerable telescope shut down unexpectedly on June 13; since then, the operations team has been working to identify and troubleshoot the problem, which is turning out to be rather elusive. More than two weeks into the process and while continuing to work to pinpoint the root cause of the issue, NASA is now preparing to potentially move the telescope to backup hardware, according to a statement released on Wednesday

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Genshin Impact Switch release delayed by ‘weaker hardware’

RPG phenomenon Genshin Impact has reportedly had its Switch version delayed due to developer Mihoyo experiencing issues with the console’s ‘weaker hardware,’ potentially hinting that the game could instead come to the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro.

The delay was reported by Twitter user Genshin Report, a prominent source of news on Genshin Impact. When asked as part of a Q&A session when the Switch version of Genshin Impact will launch, Genshin Report answered: “Likely sometime this year. There have been issues with the weaker hardware.”

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt, as developer Mihoyo

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Lenovo’s new 13-inch Android tablet also works as a portable Switch display

Lenovo’s Yoga Pad Pro is a new 13-inch Android tablet that can easily double as an external monitor, Gizmochina reports. It will be available to buy in China for 3,299 yuan (around $517) on May 31st.

It’s not tricky to get most tablets on the market to work as a second monitor, but for the most part you’re limited to using them with specific devices. Apple’s iPads can be used as external monitors thanks to their built-in Sidecar feature, for example, but this only works if you’re using them with a Mac. But the Yoga Pad Pro has a

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Valve’s handheld gaming PC could take on the Nintendo Switch

Although gaming handhelds have been around since the days of the Nintendo Game Boy, the Nintendo Switch definitely kicked up interest by a notch, revealing a potentially profitable market for portable devices that can run AAA titles, even in medium or low settings only. That, in turn, has created a series of devices and concept designs inspired by the Switch, except running PC hardware and PC games instead. Given that trend, it’s not surprising to hear that Valve, best known for the Steam PC gaming platform, is planning to jump into that fray and no later than the end of

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Rumour: Genshin Impact delay on Switch is apparently due to hardware limitations

Nintendo Switch owners are still waiting to find out when the entertaining free-to-play action JRPG Genshin Impact will arrive on the system. It’s available right now on PlayStation consoles, iOS, Android and PC, though the Switch version is missing in action. Genshin Leaker Genshin Report, states on Twitter that the development team are having issues due to the hardware imitations of the Switch platform, as even on smartphones you need a decent phone to get it running as the developer’s intended. Genshin Report says that the game is currently scheduled to arrive on the Switch later this year.


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The Onexplayer could be the Nintendo Switch successor you’re looking for

One-Netbook Technology has launched its first handheld games console, the Onexplayer, which aims to let PC players take their games with them on the go in a portable format, and the specs look quite promising for a handheld device.

Launched on May 10 with worldwide shipping available, the Onexplayer might not be the cheapest gaming device around at $1,059 (around £750 / AU$1,345), but consumers can nab the console for $819 (around £580 / AU$1,040) if purchased during the “early bird” sales period via the product’s Indiegogo page.

Powered by an Intel Core 11th-gen processor, the Onexplayer features an

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