Tesla’s Potent AMD Ryzen Upgrade Arrives Stateside for Model 3, Model Y

We first reported about a month ago that Tesla initiated running changes for 2022 on Model 3 and Model Y vehicles produced in China. One of the most significant updates was switching from a pokey Intel Atom chip to an AMD Ryzen CPU. We are now learning that the first Ryzen-equipped Teslas are rolling out of Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California. 

The information comes to us via Teslascope, which posted an image of the vehicle system information screen confirming the inclusion of a Ryzen CPU. For those not in the know, the Ryzen (formerly Atom) is responsible for handling

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Tesla’s New Software 11.0 Update Includes Light Show, Infotainment Updates, And A Megaphone

Tesla launched its Software Version 11.0 on Christmas Eve, which brings a host of updates for the Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X.

One of the most interesting features is the new Tesla Light Show. The features runs through the xLights open-source software on a computer and allows owners to create a light show to perform with any music that owners want. The light show can then be downloaded onto a USB flash drive and uploaded to the car.

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Elsewhere, Tesla

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Apple hires Tesla’s director of Autopilot software

Apple has been incredibly secretive about its efforts to develop a self-driving car, but according to Bloomberg, its latest move is hiring a key personnel from its toughest competition. The tech giant has reportedly hired Christopher “CJ” Moore, who’s been the director for Tesla’s Autopilot Software since 2019 and who’s been with the company since 2014. While Moore has yet to update his LinkedIn page, Bloomberg says he will also work on software at Apple and will report to Stuart Bowers. Like Moore, Bowers worked as Tesla’s head of Autopilot unit until he left in 2019. 

Back in

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