Riot Games’ anti-cheat software will require TPM, Secure Boot on Windows 11

Valorant will require more security features when running on Windows 11. "/
Enlarge / Vanguard-protected titles like Valorant will require more security features when running on Windows 11.

We already know that Windows 11 will officially require a TPM 2.0 module and Secure Boot support for installation when the operating system is released on October 5, but it looks like Riot Games’ Vanguard anti-cheat software will be getting in on the fun, too. Users running Vanguard on Windows 11 systems have seen pop-ups notifying them that a TPM 2.0 module and Secure Boot support will both need to be

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These 4 downloads can ruin a Windows PC

I give a lot of advice about what you should do in your digital life. I give just as much about what you shouldn’t do.

Take, for example, the things you should never Google. No, this is not because these searches are embarrassing. These rogue searches put your security and your wallet at risk. Tap or click for my list of 7 things you should never search for.

Some mistakes ruin your expensive gadgets. Tap or click for 5 dumb ways you’re ruining your smartphone. Looking at you, everyone without a nice phone case.

When it comes to

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How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 or 10

Though now-a-days it’s a perfectly fine browser, Microsoft Edge is not for everyone. In fact, by many estimates, Edge is not for most people, representing just 3.5 percent of the market, compared to 64.9 percent for Chrome. 

The majority of users who reject Edge, are content to simply install Chrome, Firefox or Opera and change the default browser in Windows 11 or 10. But for some folks, it’s not enough to avoid using Microsoft’s browser and leave it as a vestigial organ on the body of their Start menus; they want to remove Edge altogether.

Normally, if you want to

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Windows 11 on Raspberry Pi Just Got Easier

It’s been possible to install Windows on Raspberry Pi boards for a while now, but it’s never been what you’d call easy. We learnt via YouTuber leepspvideo that the WoR (Windows on Raspberry) project has been working hard behind the scenes to create a means to install Windows 11 to a Raspberry Pi via the Pi itself. But the news that user Botspot has released WoR-flasher, a script that completely automates the process of downloading, preparing and installing Windows 11 via a Raspberry Pi completely removing the need for a Windows machine to perform the installation process.

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You Can Use Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware, But You May Not Want to

A photo of various types of Windows laptops with their screens on the Windows 11 interface

Is your device compatible with the next version of Windows?
Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 is going to be a major upgrade. But before you can get there, Microsoft wants you to have the necessary hardware. The company published a blog post officially detailing the system requirements for Windows 11. It lays out the processors and systems that will be compatible with the new operating system, while also helping clear out some of the confusion caused by the company’s initial guidance on the necessary hardware.

Microsoft’s list of system requirements includes at least a 1GHz or faster CPU, 4GB

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Windows Update will tell if you can upgrade to Windows 11

Microsoft will make it easier for Windows 10 users to check if their computer is compatible with Windows 11 by alerting people via Windows Update.

When Windows 11 was first announced, it came with new system requirements that will likely require many Windows 10 users to purchase new hardware to upgrade to the new operating system.

These requirements include a TPM 2.0 security processor and newer CPUs, even if existing hardware runs Windows 10 without a problem.

Microsoft recently added new CPUs to the Windows 11 compatibility list – the Intel Core X-series, Xeon W-series, and the Intel Core 7820HQ

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Microsoft relaxes Windows 11 hardware requirements

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Microsoft wobbles the Windows 11 hardware goalposts – Software – News

On Friday, Microsoft published an update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements. It also released a new version of the PC Health Check (upgrade advisory) app for Windows Insiders. The information in the article was quite straightforward: it was helping a few older Intel CPUs over the minimum bar; and the new Health Check app would be fully up-to-date with the latest minimum specs, informative, and helpful in its feedback.

Continuing with the official Microsoft Windows Insider information that was revealed by the blog, the following Intel processors would be added to the approved list of 64-bit processors:

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Microsoft leaves a loophole for those wanting to run Windows 11 on ‘unsupported’ hardware

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft announced today, August 27, that its original guidance on which PCs will be able to run Windows 11 largely stands as announced back in June. The company has added a couple of new CPUs/PCs to its list of supported hardware, but many running 7th Gen Intel Core CPUs and first-generation AMD Zen CPUs didn’t make Microsoft’s cut — for reasons my ZDNet colleague Ed Bott explains here.

But there may be a way for those who really, really want to run Windows 11 on “older” machines, not on Microsoft’s list. Enthusiasts and tech-savvy folks who want to

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How to Use Windows Debugger to Fix Crashes

The WinDbg (Windows Debugger) tool has been around  and helping users diagnose their BSODs and individual program crashes since the days of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. But learning WinDbg requires climbing a learning curve, and it takes a little while to figure out how things work. Ditto for learning to drive its command-heavy interface. However,  Microsoft has offered an alternate version based on UWP that is more automated and much, much easier to learn and use. 

UWP WinDbg will help you with all of the different dump file types that Windows creates to capture error information, and

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